Egypt Vs. Algerias Game Tickets Prices

Egypt Vs. Algerias Game Tickets Prices

Because many people are wondering about the prices of the big game between Egypt and Algeria ,here are the final prices as I have knew :

Degree Price
3rd DegreeLE 30
2nd DegreeLE 100
1st Degree RegularLE 150
1st Degree SpecialLE 200
Main VIP boxLE 1000

Each person can buy only 3 tickets for fear the tickets will find their ways to the black market ” and they will”
The tickets will be available on 3 days before the game itself.
All these precautions from Egypt is to avoid possible/ expected clashes between the Egyptian and Algerian fans in the stadium. Already ladies are being warned from going to the game as it will turn ugly.
Despite the attempts from the two countries to make this game pass like any other game , there are still some newspapers and channels pouring oil on the fire.
Of course Youm 7 and Masrawy are heading the Egyptian websites and newspapers with news like Warda, the famous Algerian diva is supporting her country’s national team as if it were a surprise or treason to Egypt !! It seems that the reporter forgot that Warda is originally Algerian regardless of how Egypt contributed to her success .
Also from the silly strange news : Djamila Bouhird is supporting her country’s national team !! I do not know why Bouhird would support us in the first place , with my all respect it is natural thing that a woman like Bouhird to support her country !!
Man I fear next time I open the website I find : Bouteflika is supporting Algerian national team !! Yes , this is the Real Djamila now :)
Anyhow it seems that the coming game is not a sports war between Egypt and Algeria but also between the Egyptian newspapers too.
The match has become a part of the on going silly war between Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk newspapers in Egypt. Both newspapers have launched a campaign to end this media tension between the two countries over the a football game in cooperation with Algerian newspapers and each newspaper claims that it is the one which started that Peace initiative in a silly disgusting way
Wael Al Abrashi has recorded an episode from his popular show in Algeria hosting the minister of information there to speak about the football fans in the country . The show will be aired next week and honestly from the promos on Dream TV 2 it does not give a good idea about the Algerian football fans making them look like Maniacs. Honestly I hope that Al-Abrashi made special episodes in Algeria about politics not only about sports, it will be a shame if he only went there to take some shots on how wild the Algerian hooligans are !!

I just want to say something screw this football game if it is going to make us lose the friendship of the Algerian people , screw it for real , it is not as if us or the Algerians are candidates to win the World Cup in the first place !!

Please leave a comment and let us know with respect how you find this media war bettwen 2 arab brothers countries.

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