Arab Idol winner 2012

Arab Idol 2012 Winner Carmen Suleiman

Arab Idol winner 2012

Egyptian contestant Carmen Sulaiman has won the title of Arab Idol.
The Finale has just ended and she won most votes leaving Moroccan finalist Dunia Batma in second place.

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The Finale was a blast, a night to remember!
The guest was Tunisian singer Latifa.

But what made the night unforgettable, was the performances of both Ragheb Alamah and Ahlam with the finalists and alone.

Congratulations to Carmen and Dunia … They both deserve to be winners.

What do you think of the result? Is it Fair?
Does Carmen deserve the title more than Dunia?

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Watch the Final here
Arab Idol 2012 Winner



  1. Both Carmen & Dounia have wonderful voices but I prefer Carmen as her voice is v expressive & touches hearts v easily. There was no cheating in votes. Enough to know that most Egyptians didn’t know about Carmen & the competition except 6 days before the final when Carmen visited Egypt and the egyptian media started to speak about Carmen’s voice and her need to votes to win. No need to think how this have affected the votes!

  2. Please let us be faire. Donia was first for the 9 first rounds. Karmen was in the red area 3 times. It is clear as the SUN. Donia is the real arab idol in the public vote. karmen is the arab idol as pepsi requested. this is what happen when you deal with egyptian sponsors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.be aware for next competitions. Congratulation Donia.

  3. I feel sorry for Dounia, she deserve to win. But the Marketing decided otherwisw…PEPSI needed a face not a voice.!!!!!

  4. There is no doubt that they both have nice voices, but for sure Carmen deserves to win because she is got a rare and amazing voice which you would leeson to it every time this means that she is alot batter then Dounia. Carmen is the Queen of sensation and definitely she deserves to win. congratulations Carmen you are amazing and we all love you. Mabroooooooooook again.

  5. viva dinia

  6. Dounia should have won hands down. She is a million times better singer than Carmen. Carmen was in the bottom elimination how many times? Dounia not once. Pepsi needs to start putting their money on someone good, and not make the show look rigged so obviously. That is all. GO DOUNIA!

  7. Dounia deserved to win with her great voice. She is an amazing singer.
    Thank you Dounia. God bless you and keep going.

  8. to all of you talking about Dounia and she deserves to win, one thing I wanna tell u, u r lousy losers and cry babies, dounia Lost the title to Carmen, do what educated people do, congratulate Carmen and say hard luck to Dounia, both have a great voices and very good and one has to win…..Congrats Carmen, great job

  9. They both had beautiful voices but it’s no question that dounias voice is better and stronger. she deserved the title of Arab idol mashallah her voice was amazing and she had no trouble singing any kind of song

  10. Dounia has an unique and magic voice, (Aziza jalal&dikra)she deserves to win. She is more better then Carmen who has a good voice too, but we have like her voice a lot.
    Thank you dounia for offering as a good tarab, thank you for your voice, for presence, for choices of songs, ovum keltoum, ouarda, Nass lghiwane, abelouahab doukali, talal almadah,Jill jillal, kadim Asahir, najoua karma.
    Bonne continuation pour la suite

  11. in the History the arab poeple can never decide what they want. PEPSI want carmen to win. that’s crasy. Gratulation Carmen, Hard Luck Dunia.

  12. It was shame 4 The arab idol the real winner was Dounia no question about that. am not arab but i was fallowing the show it become disappointing at the end

  13. I think Dounia deserved to win more. Her voice was so soothing and she is an amazing singer. I am Moroccan myself and I’m so proud of what she has done for our country. #TeamDounia

  14. I think both of them have nice voices but dunia deserves more to be the arab idol cause she has a magic voice and she can perform any song regardless of its difficulty but not all of the songs go with carmen’s voice i just wish that she will get offers from musical companies cause the arab world is definitly going to miss her beautiful voice..she deserves a chance …

  15. I think that Dounia deserve more to win because she has a special voice.

  16. Dounia had to win, with her beautiful voice!!

  17. I dont think that Dounia does not deserve to win, in the same time Carmen is great voice too. so there is no winner or loser both ofthem won!!


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