Liverpool Hailed as Best English Team in Champions League

Liverpool Hailed as Best English Team in Champions League The Champions League has already started, and with it comes the many forecasts and analysis coming from different pundits around...
Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC

Liverpool Hailed as Best English Team in Champions League

The Champions League has already started, and with it comes the many forecasts and analysis coming from different pundits around the world. Previous reports have it that Jose Mourinho, manager of Manchester United, claimed that English teams in the Champions League has the least chance of taking home the bacon at the Finals.

This is because of the lack of a Premier League winter break. But this doesn’t stop other analysts to remove Liverpool out of the equation. Recent reports have it that Liverpool’s chance of successfully making its way in the group stages is really high.

According to a report by Gracenote Sports, the likelihood of Liverpool advancing out of the group stage has increased by a whopping 30%. This is after the Redswere drawn with Spartak Moscow, Maribor, and Sevilla.

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Meanwhile, top tier clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich are given a 97% chance of making it to the top 16. This is in stark contrast with Celtic FC who’s given a meek 4% chance to survive the early rounds.

Liverpool’s Likelihood of Survival

Before the draw happened, it’s worth noting that Liverpool was forecasted to not make it to the post-knockout stage. This is despite their aggregate win over Hoffenheim.

However, the forecast has now changed as the Reds are given an 81% chance to make it through the early stage. And out of the six British clubs in the Champions League, Liverpool has the highest success percentage from the draw.

What’s with the other British Clubs?

Take note that Man City and Man United are given a 73% chance to advance to the Round of 16. Meanwhile, the Lond-based clubs, also have a daunting challenge to survive their group competitions. Chelsea has Roma and Atletico Madrid in its group.

Knowing that the Italian and Spanish clubs have a lot of time to rest during their winter break, it’s pretty clear the Chelsea’s up for a big disadvantage. Then there’s Tottenham that has to go against Dortmund and Spanish powerhouse, Real Madrid.

What’s even more interesting is how Celtic is going to survive Group B having been given a 4% chance to survive. Bayern Munch, Paris Saint-Germain, and Anderlacht are surely heavy competitors against the modest striking force of Celtic.

How can Liverpool stack up to the top teams?

Liverpool’s doing fairly well in terms of success rate in the Champions League. Currently, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich, are enjoying their position as they’re on the top-most rank of advancing to the next round. The three clubs are tied with a 97% chance.

Meanwhile, The French club, Paris St-Germain takes the fourth spot with 93% chance. Then there’s Juventus and Atletico Madrid that have 88% and 85% respectively, chance of advancing. Sevilla’s 84% chance and Monaco’s 83% are expected to soon be overtaken by Liverpool if the trend continues for the British powerhouse.

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Because of this, Liverpool is included in the top 10 teams who would most likely make it to the 16 teams in the next rounds. The current odds imposed on the Mighty Reds is 20/1. As of now, the draw chances still doesn’t equate to its odds. Exclusive betting offers for UK bettors give Tottenham a 25/1 odds while the Reds’ fellow Scottish team, Celtic has 425/1 odds.

Frankly speaking, there’s no hope for Tottenham and Celtic to make it through. But for the other three British teams, there is. And that is where Jurgen Klopp is going to leverage on in the upcoming games.

The two Manchester clubs’ 12/1 odds and Chelsea’s 18/1 odds are proof that Liverpool still needs to show a more aggressive gameplay. This is despite their two consecutive wins against Hoffenheim that resulted to a 1-2 and 4-2 victories over the German club.

The recent 2-2 draw on their recent game against Sevilla last Sept. 14 is surely a hindrance to the Mighty Reds being considered a favorite betting choice. But despite this, pundits still firmly believe that the odds are going to turn on Liverpool’s favor in the next games to come.

With all of these being said, it’s safe to say that Liverpool is in good hands in knowing that they got some of the best players in the world of football. For sure, Philippine Coutinho’s strategum would go hand in hand with Sadio Mane’s striking force and Loris Karius elite defensive skills.

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