The Pharaohs To Russia

The Pharaohs To Russia Since a long time and the Egyptians are waiting for the moment, that seeing their football national team playing in the world cup “the biggest...
Egypt World Cup dream
Egypt World Cup dream

The Pharaohs To Russia

Since a long time and the Egyptians are waiting for the moment, that seeing their football national team playing in the world cup “the biggest football event ever” the dream became true and Egypt qualified after 28 years waiting for that moment.  Let’s explain a bit of what happened behind the scene, and how the Egyptians did it, and why the needed 28 years to qualify. I am going to illustrate some points from different perspectives in order to understand the whole image.

Egypt Group A

Egypt Group A | FIFA world Cup 2018

  • The players.

Does the present national team have the best players in the last 24 years? Many people can agree with this argue, and they support their answer by the fact that nowadays Egypt has a lot of professional players, who are playing in different leagues in Europe and Mo.Salah is a big example of that as he considered now as a top 3 on the world.

But come to another perspective many people would say the 2010 team is the best generation ever. They have won the African Nations Championship 3 times in a row, and they have done everything in football. They won all the trophies they being through except qualifying to the world cup after losing against Algeria in 2010 in Sudan.

Therefore, and after understanding the above points, I think there must be another factor should be taken into consideration which leads us to the second point below.

Hector Cuper

Hector Cuper

  • The coach

I think this point makes more sense to the most of the Egyptians. Héctor Raúl Cúper the Argentinian coach. He has done it, and made it possible with his easy strategy. What Cúper did with the national team was so smart. He knew exactly the team capabilities and also the capabilities of the other teams, who the Egyptians are competing with. Maybe his strategy of playing does not impress a lot of Egyptians football fans, but at the end he did it and won the best coach in

Africa so respect to that coach and good luck in world cup. Now let’s come to the present and let’s see how they prepare to be a challenge-able team in the world cup competition.

Egyptian team will play in group A with the world cup host “Russia” and other strong Latin team Uruguay and Saudi Arabia. It will be hard to try to predict the outcome in this group, but it is possible with some guidance about how to place a smart bet.Learn how to check odds for the next match so that you can improve your chances of getting the correct prediction. I don’t think it is an easy group they have to do their best in order to qualify specially, that each team in this group has its own style of playing but it’s a fact if we say that the Egyptian team has got a great attention from all the football fans in the whole world and bookmakers, and that’s because of the good image that has been reflected by the professional players in Europe specially from the top Europe scorer Mo.Salah.

Actually I did some interviews with random people from different nationalities in Germany and hopefully it reflects the idea I want to explain.

Name: Jonas Viegener

Age: 21 Years old

Nationality: German

When was the first time you have watched a match for Egypt?

World cup qualifications against Ghana

Who is your favorite Egyptian player?


Do you know any other Egyptian players except Mo. Salah?

Mohamed Zidan from BVB Dortmund.

Have you watched the last match to Egypt against Portugal?

Yes, Mo.Salah scored a really nice goal and they proved that they are capable to play good football.

Do you think the Egyptian team will go far in this world cup?

Last 16. They may got the second place in the group stage.

Name: Bob Degner

Age: 24 years old

Nationality: German

Have you watched the African nation’s championships?

I wanted to watch Nigeria, but I got really happy when I watched the Egyptian team, they are really good.

Do you think the Egyptian Team is different than the past?

I am not a pretty sure how much are they different, but we can say, now in Germany we know a lot about the Egyptians players.

Name: Navid

Age: 24 years old

Nationality: Iran

How do you like Egyptian football?

I think Egypt has a decent team. They have improved so much compare to before and that could be because of the world-class players they have, and the team spirit as well. Mo Salah is a great example.

Do you think they are going to qualify to the next stage in world cup?

Of course they will qualify and if they got a good draw for round 16 maybe they go far than that.

Have you seen the game against Portugal?

No, but I have watched the highlights. They almost beat Portugal, but I think only one player can change the game “CR7”, otherwise Egypt could win the game.

That was an interview reflects some of opinions about the changing on the Egyptian team reputation in the last 5 years.

The Egyptian team has played 2 friendly games and he lost both of them against Portugal and Greece, but this is not a sign that the Egyptian team is weak,

but if you analyze both games you would understand that, the Egyptian will be the black horse in the world cup.

Egypt has two more games against Kuwait and Belgium. Let’s see your predictions and I wish a good luck for the Egyptian national team.

Egypt will play in 3 different cities in Russia

15 Jun 2018 at 14:00 in Ekaterinburg city

Egypt VS Uruguay



19 Jun 2018 at 20:00 in St.petersburg city

Egypt VS Russia


25 Jun 2018 at 16:00 in Volgograd city

Egypt VS Saudi Arabia


Best of luck for the Egyptian national team, and wait for more interesting

Information comes in our new article soon.

Article by: Amr Nagi

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