Most Unusual Horse Nicknames in History

  Most Unusual Horse Nicknames in History The naming of racehorses is a difficult task, as each one needs to be unique and memorable. A racehorse’s name is with...


Most Unusual Horse Nicknames in History

The naming of racehorses is a difficult task, as each one needs to be unique and memorable. A racehorse’s name is with them for life, so it’s important to get it right but with rules and regulations surrounding the naming of a horse, it’s easy to see why some have rather odd and amusing names. Some of the world’s racehorses have had some truly unusual titles and this makes for some hilarious commentary when they hit the racetrack. Also if you’re interested in horse race gambling, get help from Timeform they are specialists at just this

1. Houdini

When this horse was found wandering around the stable yard, its name was set for life as the inimitable Houdini.

2. Hannibal Lecter

This horse used to kill rabbits in its stable and also once bit the tongue out of the horse in the stable next door, which is how he got his name after Hollywood’s best-known cannibalistic serial killer.

3. VIP

VIP’s name has been elongated to Very Important Peanut but for those feeling lazy, it’s often shortened simply to Peanut.

4. Prudence

Prudence might not seem like an odd name until you realise that she gained this title from opening her stable doors and untying ropes before making her way to the feed room and even climbing electric fencing! She got her name by always weighing up the pros and cons of her actions to ensure she never got hurt.

5. Massey

Massey was incredibly overweight when she arrived, so she got called Massey (as in Ferguson) before anyone had even checked the name on her passport, and the name just stuck.

6. Wotsit

Wotsit’s owners could never remember his name and instead would just always say “Y’know, what’s his name?”. Eventually, the name stuck, and he became Wotsit for life.

7. Treasure

Treasure is actually ironic, as the 12hh Welsh chestnut mare was a complete pain in every possible way, being banned from Pony Club and developing a horrible rearing habit that meant she was not a treasure in any way.

8. Clear So Far

Clear So far got their name from never being able to make the fences, jinxing every jumping round and spending a lifetime of having the first fence down at every race.

9. Pants

Pants’ actual stable name is Smartie but over time, his name evolved into Smartie-Pants and then eventually just shortened completely to Pants, making for some odd looks at shows when his name was called out.

10. OP

OP is ginger, so his name actually stands for Orange Pony and he is even freezmarked OP.

11. Heidi

Heidi was a 12hh Welsh mountain pony who had long blonde hair, hence her name of Heidi, the Swiss children’s book character.


This horse was named rather creatively to sound like the noise a pirate makes, making it an entertaining one for commentators to have to say out loud when the horse is racing. When ARRRRR surprised fans with a first-place finish, the announcer could be heard shouting ARRRRR, ARRRRR, ARRRRR over again.

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