Run For The Roses: The Evolution Of Kentucky Derby Through The Years

Run For The Roses: The Evolution Of Kentucky Derby Through The Years For all racing fans across the world, agree with me when I say that Kentucky Derby is...

Run For The Roses: The Evolution Of Kentucky Derby Through The Years

For all racing fans across the world, agree with me when I say that Kentucky Derby is one of the grandest horse racing tournaments that everyone is looking forward every year. A massive crowd is gathered at Churchill Downs which is the racetrack home od the said racing show. A lot of guests and visitors are coming to grace the event. Not only that there are also celebrities who will wage for their horse bets, and most importantly, this is a showcase of the best-thoroughbred horses aiming to win to get the first leg title of the Triple Crown Series.

While this year’s’ edition of Kentucky Derby is just around the corner, let’s take a quick look back how the Kentucky Derby evolved since it was inaugurated in 1875. Not only that, the Kentucky Derby has been one of the strongest and most loved horse racing show across the American and Latin countries.

More than just a sport, the Kentucky Derby has transformed and transcended as the most celebrated racing event in the country. You can see every spectator wearing brimmed hats while sipping and holding a glass of the race’s official drink, Mint Juleps. This is the common picture you will see when you truly experience the Kentucky Derby race which again has the biggest role in American culture and tradition.

Inevitably, as time goes by so with the Kentucky Derby, the racing show as able to create the most exciting race vibe to all horse racing fans, given the fact the sometimes the organization may face challenges. As you go along and look back to the TVG Kentucky History, you will see that the racing show is attended by people who belong to the elite type where they wear signature dresses from the most popular French and Italian designers. Nowadays, and as time goes by, you will see that the tournament is attended by different types of people and they wear dresses they are most comfortable in wearing.

Aside from the evolution of the Kentucky Derby tradition specified above, let’s take a look at to some additional facts that made the racing the most loved horse racing event compared to the other.

Run For The Roses

As some may not know, Kentucky Derby is dubbed as the Run For The Roses because it has the most exciting run in two minutes. This is due to the fact that all the best thoroughbreds cover a run a 1.25 mile within two minutes or less than that. All throughout the history of Kentucky,  it was Secretariat who held the records of being the fastest winner in Kentucky Derby. He was able to finish the race course in exactly one minute and fifty-nine seconds. Second, to Secretariat was the very first “Horse of the Year” title holder by the name of Big Red Horse. He was also the first Triple Crown Winner. Given the historical achievements of these horses, Kentucky Derby has earned a lot of respect and attention from the media.

Kentucky Derby Has The Most Thrilling Event

For those who are experts and avid fans of horse racing shows, the Triple Crown serves as the most coveted title awarded to three-year-old thoroughbred entries along with Preakness and Belmont Stakes. When a horse racer clinches the Triple Crown title, he is considered to be the toughest and strongest contender in any given horse racing event. If you look into the records and history of all horse races in the Kentucky Derby, everyone has made a big history names contributing to the legacy of the said horse racing show.

The Triple Crown serves as the reason why Kentucky Derby deems the most thrilling horse racing show of all time.

Raising A Silver Cup

One of the biggest reason why the Kentucky Race is different from other horse racing show is that you rarely see a crowd not raising a silver cup filled with Mint Juleps. This is the traditional and iconic drink of the race. Every year, all member of the crowd gracing the said event has to hold and sip this iconic drink while watching the race.

Mint Julep has evolved as the Kentucky Derby’s historic drink because according to Bureau National Interprofessional du Cognac or BNIC, these Mint Juleps drinks were created using a Cognac during the Civil War wherein Whiskey is the primary ingredient. Through the years of Kentucky Derby’s existence, the event is not complete without having this drink.

While there are lots of horse racing tournament you can look forward to happening every year, Kentucky Derby has already made a trademark of being the most loved horse racing tournament and earned a legacy of being an inspiration to other horse racing shows. If you think you haven’t gone to this event, grab your tickets now and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of experience what a horse racing showdown looks like.

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