Manchester United will be visiting Norway


Manchester United will be visiting Norway

It seems like Manchester United has quite a busy schedule ahead of them in the pre-season time frame of July and August. The team is scheduled for more than five games in different locations with time gaps of no more than four to five days in between.

The pre-season will kick off down south in Western Australia and will continue until early August, once the team is ready to face old rivals such as AC Milan in Wales.

However, the team managed to find some extra time in their schedule to visit the team manager’s home country of Norway. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is scheduled to take the Red Devils to his home town in Oslo, for a match against one of the most famous Norwegian football clubs, Kristiansund on July 30th.

A very heavy schedule

Solskjaer did mention the fact that the schedule is quite heavy and is going to take a toll on the players, but it’s definitely not something new for them. All of them have experienced multiple flights within a single month and are ready to take the challenge.

The pre-season will kick off in Australia, as already mentioned with a match against Perth Glory on July 13th and another tumble with old rivals, Leeds United on July 17th.

However, that will be the least of United’s problems as they will have to then swing by at Singapore and Shanghai respectively to face contemporaries such as Inter Milan and Tottenham on July 20th and 25th respectively.

Promoting women’s league

It’s also believed that the women’s league will accompany the team in Norway and showcase their new tactics and training against the infamous Valerenga. By the information from the local news site, the game will take place at Intillity Arena and will be a display of United’s participation in the equality movement for women in Sports.

The movement was pretty much started by Norwegian female football stars, therefore it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase the club’s support, which Solskjaer managed to plan masterfully.

Why so many games?

The pre-season is always this jam-packed with matches, but it rarely carries any purpose aside from filling the teams with confidence so that they perform much better during the championships.

Manchester United is no different than any other of those football clubs and Solskjaer understands that. He wants both the male and female team to start off the season on the right foot and has arranged match-ups that both challenge the team as well as give them exposure to new tactics against teams they may not have faced in the past.

It’s pretty much like a pump-up we see with professional fighters as they prepare physically and mentally for a match-up. Should United come out victorious in most of the matches, they’ll have much more chances at acing the championships to come in the future.

Even Solskjaer commented on the decision of going to Norway, saying that it’s the perfect opportunity to find new challenges and kick off the season with momentum behind the team’s performance.

The pre-season for United will be concluded on the 3rd of August, with a match against AC Milan in Wales.

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