African football, a Cradle of Talent

African football, a Cradle of Talent Over the years, some of the best players to grace the top leagues have originated from Africa. If we consider the magic of...
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African football, a Cradle of Talent

Over the years, some of the best players to grace the top leagues have originated from Africa. If we consider the magic of players such as Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, and Emmanuel Adebayor have brought to the game, then the impact they have made cannot be underestimated. However, when we consider these players, we don’t think back to their origins, specifically the leagues and teams that first saw their talent and decided to nurture it. With Africa clearly being such a cradle for footballing talent, we took a look at modern African football.

Top Leagues in Africa

There are many leagues in Africa, with each nation offering several divisions their league formats. However, in the same way Europe has the Premier League, La Liga, or the Bundesliga which would be considered by most to be the top leagues on the continent, there a few standout leagues on Africa too, many of which are fruitful ground for sports betting.

Although there will be some debate about which are the best of the best, there are five stand-out leagues from Africa. These are South Africa’s Premier Soccer League, Egyptian Premier League, the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1, the Ghanaian Premier League, and the Sudanese League. While Morrocco, Algeria and the Ivory Coast’s leagues are also worthy mentions.

The best of African talent is drawn towards these leagues and the most competitive football is played with them. Many players who appear in these end up getting their chance to go off to the bigger teams in Europe. Mo Salah, for example, started at Al Mokawloon Al Arab SC in the Egyptian Premier League, but he is just one of many.

Top Young Players in Africa

Currently, as has been the case with generations before, there are plenty of new up and coming young African players – many of whom you can already catch in Europes biggest leagues. While the list could be a lot longer, there are few that are worth looking out for right now.

One of these include midfielder, Wilfred Ndidi, who currently plays his football for Leicester, Hadji Drame, a Mali forward who is making waves in Ukraine, and Eric Ayriah who hails from Ghana but is currently trying to break into the first team at Monaco, are all top players to watch right now.

This is to name just three with a lot of potential for the rest of the season, but these showcase the wide amount of African talent that is coming to fruition at the moment and continue the trend of high-quality that comes from across the continent.

African Cup of Nations

Of course, this is not forgetting the biggest event in African football, the African Cup of Nations. This is the main international competition of Africa where all the national teams battle it out to see who is the top squad on the continent. Held earlier this year in Egypt, it was taken home by Algeria, claiming their second ever win of the tournament. The tournament is the best showcase of the cradle of talent that Africa Football offers, and although you will now have to wait until 2021 for the next one, it is a must-watch event for those interested in African football.

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