Top 10 NFL Teams Right Now!

It’s almost three weeks when the National Football League (NFL) has started and everyone can already feel the intensity of every game. As a fan, you may wonder about...

It’s almost three weeks when the National Football League (NFL) has started and everyone can already feel the intensity of every game.

As a fan, you may wonder about the ranking especially of the team you’ve been supporting for years now. Don’t worry as you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 10 NFL teams right now:

1. Kansas City Chefs – Kansas City Chefs has a record of 12 wins and 4 losses during the 2019 NFL season. It’s no surprise as they have the best quarterback in the league. But with the absence of Chris Jones, they need to improve their run defense to protect their position.

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2. San Francisco 49ers – 49ers is the team that lands on the second spot. With their unbelievable defense, they will surely have a good finish in this NFL season.

3. Baltimore Ravens – Yes, this team had struggled to slow down Derrick Henry. But they will be deadly with an effective wide receiver, edge rusher, and offensive lineman.

4. New Orleans Saints – Another team to watch out for is the New Orleans Saints. Although Drew Brees shows his age a bit, the New Orleans Saints is a talented team. With an additional WR2, they can achieve an exceptional finish.

5. Seattle Seahawks – With an ancient coaching philosophy and average defense, Seattle will never stop to be a top tier team of the new NFL season. By addressing offensive line needs and adding extra effort to the defensive side, the NFC West will remain a tough division.

6. Green Bay Packers – Just like the other teams, the Green Bay Packers needs additional weapons on both the offensive and defensive sides. A good roster will definitely play a critical role.

7. New England Patriots – Another team that has the best defense is the New England Patriots. But they need a few additions to address their receiving option and other needs to bring home the bacon.

8. Minnesota Vikings – Inconsistency has been the reason why the Minnesota Vikings had a disappointing finish last season. However, with their shape, they can exceed everyone’s expectations.

9. Houston Texas – A lot of fans may expect Houston Texas to be a bottom tier team because their inconsistent defense, which requires a considerable improvement. That’s not all! Their front seven and secondary need help to improve their performance and bag that gold.

10. Buffalo Bills – Last but not least is the Buffalo Bills. What makes them a strong team is their secondary. Indeed, they won’t be in the top 10 for nothing. However, they should focus on their quarterback to continue to improve.

So, does your team reach the top 10? Then, remember that it’s too early to expect. Other NFL teams will probably show what they’ve got, making the season unpredictable, intense and fun.



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