The Path to Success of the Egyptian Football Pharaoh Salah

The Path to Success of the Egyptian Football Pharaoh Salah Despite all the glamour and fame that surrounds Liverpool’s star 27-year-old Mohammed Salah, many people do not realize the...
Mo Salah
Mo Salah

The Path to Success of the Egyptian Football Pharaoh Salah

Despite all the glamour and fame that surrounds Liverpool’s star 27-year-old Mohammed Salah, many people do not realize the amount of hard work and dedication he puts. In his younger years, Salah wouldn’t have imagined that he would rise from a simple village boy to a world star.

Mo. Salah has grown from a mere village boy in Nagrig village, Gharbia province in Egypt, to the top rank of European football. The media has recognized him as the prince of Egypt game. Back at home, he is not only a star but a legend and a role model to younger generations.

So, what has his journey to success been like?

The Hard Path to Success of Mohammed Salah

Currently, Momo Salah is one of the top soccer players in England and around Europe. Although he is not the top scorer this season, he is still in the race for the golden boot. He is one of the key players for Liverpool, alongside his African counterpart, Sadio Mane.

In this article, we shall focus on Salah’s life before fame. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Mo Salah

Mohammed Sala’s early life

Mo Salah was born in 1992 in Nagrig, Egypt. He lived with his parents in a 3-storey house in the village. As a young boy, Salah would play football on the street with other boys from his neighborhood. It is where he discovered his talent and love for the game.

Upon growing up, the prince of Egypt game joined El Mokawloon as a youth player. At the club, he started playing in the left-back position. His ability to run with the ball and get past defenders to score made his manager El-Shishini switch him to a right-winger position.

As a young and hungry player, Salah would cry when he missed chances in a game. His determination and zeal to improve made him stand out among the rest of the players. He quickly grew into the first team and became a regular starter. To date, Mo. plays passionately.

Youth career profession

The young winger played his youth career with his childhood club; Arab contractors, also known as El Mokawloon, where he participated in the U-16 and the U-17 leagues. Salah was part of the U-20 and the U-23 in the national team. He was also a participant in the youth team that led Egypt to the Knockout stages of the Olympics in 2012.

While playing in the Olympics, He managed to score in all the 3 group stages for Egypt before they were kicked out in the knockout stage by Japan. He also played in the FIFA U-20 world cup, where the team made it to the round of sixteen.

This was his stepping stone to the success he enjoys today. I once sought research paper writing services to go see a game in the Emirates Stadium, where Liverpool faced Arsenal. Watching him play was just amazing; it paid off to purchase research paper services from EduBirdie to clear my schedule. The memory of that game still lingers in my mind. I am no Arsenal fan.

Professional club career

Were it not for the fact that I have to write my research papers and take care of other academic obligations, I would be watching him much regularly. Mo. started his career from very humble beginnings at El Mokawloon. He left his childhood club in June 2015 to join Basel after the Egyptian League was suspended.

After an impressive run at Basel, Salah caught the eye of one of the top clubs in Europe. In January 2014, he became a Chelsea player: they paid a fee of close to £11 million to have him. He became the first Egyptian to sign for Chelsea. It didn’t work out great at the club, so in less than a year, he moved to Fiorentina on an 18-month loan.

He was later loaned out to Roma, followed by a permanent move where he played between 2016 and 2017. This was before Liverpool came calling. It is at Liverpool that he found his form, emerging as one of the top talents in the English premier league within a year. In his first year, he scored a total of 44 goals in all competition: the leading top scorer in Europe that year.

Personal and family life

Mo Salah’s family and personal life are kept as far away from the prying public eye as possible. He rarely takes interviews with reporters or has his family talking to the media. After each game, he resumes his normal private life. Mo. has always loved his family and puts them first.

While playing at El Mokawloon as a youth, he would make a 3-hour trip every day to make it to the pitch for training. He commuted from home because he loved his family and would not want to relocate. People say that fame did not change his humble nature. He would still visit his parents and siblings in Nagrig regularly.

As far as family is concerned, he married his wife Maggi in 2013: sorry to all the single ladies thirsting for him out here. He has a daughter who was born a year after. Throughout his career in Liverpool, the Egyptian star has scored more than 80 goals in all appearances for the club. He is a rare talent that has graced our loyal fans.

Mo & Mane

Final Remarks

Being the soccer enthusiastic that I am, I would rather seek help from term paper writing service providers to go watch a game. Despite being a die-hard Chelsea fan, I love seeing exciting talents from different clubs. I love watching Salah and Mane play together – how they connect in games is just beautiful!

From his story, I dare say that Salah deserves all the glory, praises and attention he receives from fans from Egypt and across the globe. He is a true representation of the prince of Egypt playing at the top of his game. He is a rare talent ever to grace the football stage. You will even find articles about him on paper writing services websites. People love him!

We are grateful for the football Pharaoh, Salah.



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