Africa Cup of Nations Moved to January 2021

Last year, the Africa Cup of Nations took place in the summer months of June and July in Egypt, but after an announcement from the Cameroon Football Association (CFA), it will now be taking place in January of 2021. According to sources, the “unfavourable weather” that occurs within host country, Cameroon at that time of year wouldn’t provide acceptable conditions for matches to take place in. It is, after all, the rainy season within Cameroon.

The 2019 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations was the first to be held in the summer, as before that, it had always occurred in January and February. That did clash with the European domestic season, and with the dates now reverting back to those months, it puts several Premier League clubs in jeopardy of being without first-team players. Yet, that being said, now that the tournament is taking place in January again, it will not clash with the expanded Club World Cup, which is being held in China in June of 2021.

The changes back to January and February’s dates came following a meeting that took place between representatives from the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

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Debate Leads to Decision

In the CAF meeting, it is said that various arguments were put forth regarding the state of Cameroon’s weather in June and July. Tony Baffoe, the CAF Deputy General Secretary, said that they had also listened to advice from the Cameroonian meteorological authorities, and after doing so, they took the decision to return back to a start-of-year event instead.

“A detailed report shall be presented to the members of the Executive Committee during its next session on 6 February”, said Baffoe in his statement.

It was Cameroon that was scheduled to host 2019’s Africa Cup of Nations originally, but they ended up being stripped of hosting duties, following multiple delays in its progress towards preparation for the tournament. Instead, the event was moved to Egypt, and instead, the CAF had come to terms with Cameroon hosting it in 2021 instead.

Now, the tournament is set to take place from 9 January and run until 6 February 2021. Time will tell how big of an impact this will have on the Premier League clubs, which have various African players within their team rankings and will be competing in the aforementioned European domestics.

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