Can Mo salah grab the Premier League Golden Boot for the 3rd time?

Mohamed Salah is having a great season with Liverpool. He is one of the major reasons for Liverpool’s dominance in the Premier League. He is leading the team with 15 goals and is also racking assists! Mohamed Salah’s stellar play has put him in position to once again claim the Premier League Golden Boot. He won the award in 2018 and 2019.

Furthermore, Mohamed Salah’s career with Liverpool has been great thus far. The winger is scoring early and often in games. He scored an amazing 32 goals in the 2017-2018 season. Then in the following season,  Mohamed Salah’s number of goals declined, but he still captured the Golden Boot with 22 goals. this year the thrilling premier league top goalscorer betting odds are no shocker:

Jamie Vardy & Pierre-Emerick sits with 17 goals and Sergio Aguero has 16. Aguero has better odds than Vardy though in part due to his utterly absurd goals-per-minute ratio – which is more than impressing.

  • Jamie Vardy: 17 goals (2,193 minutes)
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 17 goals (2,215 minutes)
  • Sergio Aguero: 16 goals (1,342 minutes)
  • Danny Ings: 15 goals (1,880 minutes)
  • Mohamed Salah: 15 goals (2,066 minutes)
Great Opportunities
Mo Salah
Mohamed Salah interview on CNN

Liverpool‘s strong cast of talent delivers many opportunities for Mohamed Salah. They complement each other’s strengths. There are many players on this team with the ability to score goals. His fellow winger Sadio Mané has 13 goals and 6 assists for the season. They play well together on the field. Sadio Mané will pass the ball to Mohamed Salah with good looks at the net.

In addition, Mohamed Salah will have many opportunities to score goals in the remaining games of the season. Mohamed Salah is Liverpool’s plenty kicker when James Milner is unable to play. Liverpool has one goal in mind and that is winning the Premier League. Mohamed Salah gives them a great chance in winning by being their plenty kicker. He will get many plenty of kicks to help his team to continue their success.

Competition for the Golden Boot
Golden Boot
Golden Boot

Currently, Jamie Vardy of Leicester City is the front-runner for the Golden Boot, but he has a small window from other hopefuls. There is only a difference of two goals between Jamie Vardy and Mohamed Salah, who is currently tied for 4th in the league in goals. A single game can decide the winner of the Golden Boot. Mohamed Salah has a great chance to surpass him. He only needs one great game to claim first place.

Then, there is Sergio Aguero with 16 goals, and he has the third-most goals in this season. Sergio Aguero has the best chances of capturing the Golden Boots. He has an unbelievable goal per minute ratio. He averages a goal in every 73 minutes. That is far better than Mohamed Salah’s average of a goal in every 135 minutes.

Finally, Danny Ings has been a surprise this year. The veteran is tied in 4th in goals with Mohamed Salah. He is the least likely player to win the award. He does not have a history of being a great scorer. Danny Ings has only scored more than ten goals in a season three times in his eleven-year career including this season. If I was a betting man, then I would not place my chips on the table for him.

Mohamed Salah has a great opportunity to earn a third Golden Boot in his career. The award would be fitting for him and Liverpool. The team has not won the Premier League in 30 years. He has many impressive teammates to provide many opportunities to grab this award for his third time. Mohamed Salah may end this season with the Golden Boot and Premier League championship.


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