Sports betting in Michigan

Ninety-seven won the ticket on the day, where a sports gambling becomes legal in the state of Michigan a day.

We’ve been waiting for a long time a lot of people are waiting for a long time, What a clock you know we used to have this Scott Van Pelt show on here the late-night Sports Center that maybe it’s more like bad beats? You’re right when they show those bad beats, it’s some of them are hysterical well, they are and it’s like you say hysterical but then you imagine them.

How do I begin sports betting in Michigan sports? What would you bet on sports betting in Michigan today? If you were going down there you can make one back there’d a car caution Anderson talked yesterday and Doug had a good one, I think the line. The number was 94 and a half the under on the Houston, Astros, So you can bow so it’s about they’ve all the proper that’s, so I really like that not I think the Tigers over, It’s like it would fifty-nine something like I take the oversee.

This is the problem though is that you one injury could screw everything up and then there’s also the knee jerk look at things and there’s the whole thing when a line seems there were a few that we picked this year on our little Friday picks. But the one that stands out to me because personal vested interest and it was Michigan State favored by nine and a half at Northwestern right. We can issue was coming off losses the loss to Arizona stayed they looked really bad and Northwestern. How do I begin mobile sports betting in Michigan? You could find an outlet for it right if you know Tartan gas but then again you know a lot of people who smoke pot before pot were legal here right and they found a way to do it. But I’m sure a lot more people are going to the dispensaries. Now that it’s legal so maybe the fact that it’s now legal here a lot more people will go to the downtown jesters.

I can do it legally by the way question about that the few places that are open because not that many of them right for pot. When it first started there was like a place in Ann Arbor and the line was around the block right Because somebody asked there are certain places that have been open for a while but are for medicinal riders that you still need the card for that right that I don’t you should get one no, mean you could Stone, you’d qualify probably ADHD.

If you and your friends are betting on the same team that’s the shot them you know everybody’s, high five in guys. You don’t even know it’s great you all have the same bet, it’s so much fun and you mentioned like in Vegas because of the time change. They’re just to get a seat in the boy both, their people wanted to make sure they got their bets in sometimes, we’d play golf early in the morning right and you’re also betting Australian horse-racing.

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