The Importance of Mental Strength for the Recovery of Athletes From Coronavirus

The new situation in regard to the coronavirus has caused enormous mental pressure on all people in the world, as well as on athletes. These special circumstances and the...

The new situation in regard to the coronavirus has caused enormous mental pressure on all people in the world, as well as on athletes.

These special circumstances and the return to training and competing afterward is a real challenge for the coaches, fitness trainers but also mental coaches, who deal with this issue to help professional athletes push their own boundaries within which they are limited by their internal enemy.

What Are the “Secrets“ That Mental Trainers Know?

Mental coaches strive to introduce the latest trends in professional sports and through mental training enable maximum utilization of resources created by quality training. This is exactly the reason why, in addition to great talent and modern training, some athletes aren’t always up to standard. So, there are certain “secrets“ that renowned experts know.

“I consider it a tripod of performance – physical, mental, and emotional,” Dan Garner told Betway, who has coached an Olympic gold medallist and two all-time world record breakers.

At a high professional level today, everyone is training well and is ready both physically and technically-tactically, but the key difference that’s made during matches/tournaments is precisely on the mental level. Even average teams consisted of players that are mentally prepared can be very dangerous because their utilization of the resources created through training is much higher than teams with the more expensive roster and of higher quality.

“What happens if one leg of a tripod is knocked out? It collapses. In order to determine whether someone is actually ready, they would need to be mentally, emotionally, and physically ready,” adds Garner.

Examples of teams in which a lot of attention is devoted to the mental training of players are football clubs: Spain’s Atlético Madrid, Italy’s Atalanta Bergamo, Germany’s RB Leipzig…

Experts in the field of mental coaching gain a lot of experience through individual work, but also through cooperation with professional teams, which gives them the right to advise the sports public and the general public in order to overcome the new situation with coronavirus as painlessly as possible.

The discipline of the state of emergency will certainly have a positive effect on our minds as humans. A new temptation is necessary to get us out of the comfort zone, and thus will improve the utilization of resources created by training (speaking of athletes), which are often blocked by bad consciousness. That’s when athletes say in difficult moments: „Give up, I can’t take it anymore,“ and they simply hand the victory to an opponent.

A Brief Pep Talk Is Often Enough to Boost Self-Confidence at Athletes

Above all, athletes need to develop faith, while their hope has to be taken away completely. A lot of mental coaches really agree on that. Hope is infected with doubt, and doubt is what blocks athletes’ resources and completely paralyzes them in important matches as well as humans in life, in general.

The instinct of the struggle for survival is what athletes need in order to make the most of their resources created by quality training.

The New Situation With the COVID-19 Is a Great Life Experience

The game of life that we’re currently having against an invisible opponent is identical, say, to a football game in which only those who are ready to keep faith and rationality in continuity win.

And what if an athlete becomes infected with a coronavirus? It’s logical to ask yourself if you’re an athlete: “What’s my mental strength worth if someone kicks me from behind and injures me?“ A stronger mindset means faster injury recovery. The same goes for coronavirus. Any doubt about faster recovery must be dispelled and a positive environment must be created in order for the organism to recover as quickly as possible with the help of adequate therapy.

The Struggle Is Sometimes Long and Difficult

Spiritual peace is also needed and therefore health comes from within, so don’t look for it outside. Optimism and the joy of living guarantee us all a fast flow of information from the central nervous system and an adequate response to each virus. The human body was created to be healthy and that’s why it should undoubtedly be allowed to deal with the problem.

Finally, it’s important to return to competing after the pandemic. What should be especially emphasized in this extraordinary situation when we have enough free time is that athletes have to work hard on their own intellectual development. Reading books, learning languages, studying, etc. keep the nervous system active and speeds up the flow of information in order to return to the desired shape as soon as possible after the break and so that decisions in matches are of high quality and timely.

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