Two Excellent Betting Systems For You To Try If You’re Just a Beginner

If you’ve recently got into sports betting, you’ve probably stumbled upon countless articles claiming that using a particular system will get you rich in no time. Don’t get caught...

If you’ve recently got into sports betting, you’ve probably stumbled upon countless articles claiming that using a particular system will get you rich in no time. Don’t get caught up in unrealistic promises, though. However, placing your bets relying only on your intuition is just as naive as believing in those get-rich-quick schemes. Having a good betting system can help you maximize your chances of winning. Read on to learn about 2 great betting systems for you to try out and master.

1.    The Fibonacci Sequence Method

The Fibonacci Sequence is an extremely popular betting strategy among people because it’s quite easy to follow. You’ve probably heard about it before – it’s been known to people for thousands of years. It’s significant in both classical art and modern design, you can find it in seashells and flowers, and you probably learned about it in high school or college. Now you may wonder how it can be applied to betting.

In the Fibonacci Sequence, every new number equals the sum of the previous two. If you start with 0, you’ll get this:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

Now, according to this technique, if you go to a website like, you should start betting on draws. Then, if you lose, you should keep betting the sums according to the Fibonacci Sequence, and only on matches with the probability of at least 2.618 to end in a draw. And that’s it.

Clearly, this system is very simple to follow. It was also designed to help you win your losses back if you’re on a losing streak. No matter how many times you place a bet and end up losing, you’re eventually going to win your losses back – only if you have the funds to put another, higher stake. It’s also very consistent – the longer you play, you’ll gradually accumulate many small profits. However, there are some disadvantages. If you’re on a huge losing streak, you can end up losing your entire bankroll. With no funds to continue betting, you won’t have a chance to win them back. No system can guarantee you a 100% chance of winning, so if you’re willing to risk it, the choice is yours. However, if you follow a mathematical sequence, you won’t make mistakes that can occur while betting on a whim. Instead, you’ll approach your betting in a less emotional but more calculated way. That’s what punters, beginners, and professionals alike, should remember.

2.    The Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion, since its development in 1956, has become one of the most popular betting strategies. However, the Kelly Criterion won’t tell you where you should place your bets. Instead, it shows you how much funds you should use on particular bets. It calculates the optimum stake for any value bet to minimize the risk and maximize your advantage. It’s a relatively simple mathematical formula that looks like this:

(BP – Q) / B = F

B = the decimal odds -1

P = the probability of a win

Q = the probability of a loss

F = how much of your funds to bet

Looks pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? The greater the expected probability of a win, the higher the level of the stake, maximizing the return. However, you need to remember that you also must be able to calculate the probability of a particular bet being successful with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Additionally, there are many factors involved in the process that can influence the outcome. To calculate the probability of either winning or losing, for example, if you’re betting on your favorite sports team, you could collect and analyze a lot of data about game results from previous seasons. The more data you collect, the more accurate are your calculations. You may want to consider using a program instead of doing it manually, although some die-hard sports fans claim that AI programs lack intuition. Also, due to sometimes high player rotation, your team might not perform as well as it did 2 years prior. So, the Kelly Criterion depends on your ability to consistently collect the data and analyze them as accurately as possible. If patience is not your virtue, you may want to try other systems. On the other hand, if you master your calculating abilities, the Kelly Criterion will offer you the most effective way to profit from them. It also helps you see which bets have no value, giving you a warning when not to bet.

Always remember that there are no foolproof betting systems that will get you rich in no time. If something sounds too good to be true – it most likely won’t give you results you hope for. However, if you want to test your luck, master your skills and try out these methods. Be reasonable though, and don’t risk all your life savings. Moderation is key, even in sports betting.

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