Inconsistency continues for City in disappointing Premier league defence

Inconsistency continues for City in disappointing Premier league defence

There is absolutely no doubting that the Premier league season has been all about the dominance of Liverpool. They very much deserve their first Premier league title and first top division title in 30 years. Liverpool have simply been miles clear of the rest, but Manchester City have certainly underperformed this year. That is despite the expectations at the start of the season, and the major support behind them, with punters picking up the Ladbrokes new customer offer to support them to win a third title in succession. That has failed to materialise and they will now be looking ahead to next season and winning a third title within four seasons.

The clear difference this season has been the inconsistency of Manchester City, which is why they are now so far behind Liverpool in regards points. City have continued this trend since returning from the extended coronavirus break. They have produced some of the best football seen this season, with a 3-0 victory over Arsenal for example. But they then follow this with defeats, that includes losing to Chelsea, which meant the title went to Liverpool at this early stage.

City were beaten 3-1 by Liverpool earlier this season, but got their own back with a recent 4-0 home victory against the champions at the Etihad. This was a clear message sent to Liverpool, that next season is going to be a lot different and City will be challenging them again. The performance was capped off by Phil Foden, who looks a real future star in waiting. He also scored on the night, with Sterling again playing a starring role, alongside Kevin De Bruyne.

That was a dominant and eye-catching performance, but City did what they seem to have done to much this season. They followed that positive result with a disappointing one, as they were beaten 1-0 against Southampton. That was following resting players, but they still should have got a result from the match. The result was yet another clear example of City’s inconsistency this season, which Pep will clearly be looking at ahead of the title chase next season.

That was a ninth Premier league defeat for City, which is why they have not challenged Liverpool for the title. They entered the season having only lost six Premier league matches within the last two seasons, which further shows how their form has dipped. City will now look to finish the season strong and continue the form into their title push next year.

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