The Mystery of Missing Trophies continue in Egypt

The Mystery of Missing Trophies continue in Egypt

The youth and sports ministry on Wednesday have referred to the issue of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) trophies missing from the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) store to the public prosecutor.

This came in the light of the report, issued by the committee, drew up by the Egyptian ministry to investigate the matter.

On September 4, the EFA on Friday said that it will investigate the several football trophies, which are missing from the federation’s store.

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“As the Egyptian Football Association are now developing its main headquarter, including turning its entrance into a small football museum. The management was surprised to find out that there are several old trophies missing from the Association’s stores,” the EFA said in a statement.

“An investigation has been conducted now to make sure that the old trophies were saved after the building was burned and stolen in 2013 when Ultras Groups invaded the headquarter or they were part of the losses that resulted from what the building was exposed to in this incident,” it added.

The EFA also noted that it will use these trophies as a part of the new small museum.

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