EPL 2020-21 Season Starts with Goals Galore

Reasons for Goal Feast at 2020-21 EPL Online gambling was the favourite pastime for the spots lovers during the lockdown period. With major restrictions in place and no sporting...

Reasons for Goal Feast at 2020-21 EPL

Online gambling was the favourite pastime for the spots lovers during the lockdown period. With major restrictions in place and no sporting events happening in most parts, binge-watching and online gambling were the most sought after recreations. The roulette fans were looking to find more info on Roulette77 and other variations to get rid of boredom. But, with things easing a bit and sporting events starting to take shape, fans have something to look forward to. The most famous English Premier League football season has commenced. The games are held in empty stadiums, but fans can catch all the live action on TV.   

EPL to the Rescue 

The English Premiership League for the 2020-21 championship has started amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadly virus is not putting an end to the excitement and entertainment that the league is offering for the EPL fans. The season has started with a barrage of goals. As many as 144 goals have been scored in the 38 games held in the 2020-21 EPL season. This is one of the very few seasons where you can see many goals scored. This is the best goal rate seen in over 90 years of the Premiership. People who yearned for some thrill in the times of the pandemic could not have asked for more. This has kept the fans busy on weekends. 

Barrage of Goals

What is the main reason for so many strikes at the goal this season go beyond the goal line and hit the net? For an argument, you can say that the empty stadiums and the lack of fans could be the reason. The average goals scored is 3.79 goals per match. The shots on goal have seen a decrease when compared to the previous season’s strikes per game. The main difference is in the conversion rate of these strikes. It is at 16% in comparison to just 11% in the 2019-2020 English Premier League season.  

Players Aware of High Scoring Spree

The talk about the high goal rates per game has also reached the EPL players. They are also talking about it. The goal-fest is not just attributed to the fan ban in stadiums due to COVID-19. There are other factors too. The players cannot spend quality time with each other, as they need to be isolated from each other after the match day. They only get together during practise or the matches. The training sessions are limited to the previous seasons. The strikers might be feeling the weight off their shoulders due to the non-existence of stadium fans. They might be playing with more freedom without pressure from stadium fans.  

Is there a Lack of Aggressive Defending?

Lack of aggressive defending could be one of the reasons for the high goal rate in the 2020-21 EPL season so far. Players sorely miss the noise that the fans make during goalmouth action. The intensity and demand to carry out the tackles at the goalmouth could be lacking than before. The pressure of the live audience also might harm the concentration and focus of the defenders. The strikers are seizing this opportunity and have netted a lot more goals than the previous seasons. Goalkeeping is also at fault as the keepers are letting many strikes go past them easily. 

Closing Thoughts

The 2020-21 EPL season is a first of a kind season where players have entered the season with minimal pre-season training. The tiredness and lack of preparation are showing on the field on most of the teams. To conclude, the absence of football fans, silly defence mistakes, lack of preparation, and VAR are some of the reasons for the very high scores seen in most of the Premiership matches in the first three weeks of the 2020-21 season.



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