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Football betting should be pretty easy. Normally, every “national coach” can predict the next Bundesliga matchday, for example, correctly. But when it comes to real money bets at the bookmaker, almost all customers end up in the red in the medium and long term. The reason for this is quite simple. The sports betting friends bet on their nerves in the background without any real strategy or requisite skills.

Below we have put together the five most important tips and tricks that show how to bet on football more successfully. The listed tips are for those people who want to win money from sports betting. Nothing can be done for players who only gamble one or two euros on their favorite side, but they are not.

  1. Start your football betting with a serious bankroll

It would be best to worry about your financial condition before you even put your first football bets. Will you even encourage yourself to type, or do you need your money for other more important items? It would be best never to forget that all the capital would be lost in the worst situation. You must be ready to risk your sports betting capital. For the sake of God, do not allow the error of starting from a steady and daily salary. The road to real professional weather is long and often takes years.

First, determine your individual bankroll. The word was borrowed from stock investing and just means start-up money. Use just capital, which you would certainly not need within the next few months. Add your income to your housing expenses. You can never hit the reserves at the same time. It’s even worse when you borrow money to bet on football, whether from friends or the bank. Many that find this cardinal mistake frequently wind up in a personal nightmare.

Logically and rationally, the bankroll is distinct independently. For one better, the number of 100 euros is big, and many other users have the possibility to invest without any problems a five-digit quantity. 

  1. Stick to concrete money management

You build practical money management dependent on the kick-off capital. The “financial schedule” could preferably provide a three- to six-month time frame. Only then would the original intermediate balance be drawn and the project for the following weeks listed. In an emergency, four weeks will be enough for serious financial management if you just act in tiny quantities. Basically, however, the motto “the longer, the better” applies. 

My experience has shown me that just 2 to 5 percent of the bankroll needs to be placed per bet. More dangerous stakes are probably not advised.

It is essential to keep a detailed record of your money management, just not write down all the bets. As in a decent business, you have a declaration of profits. The significant consequence is that you still see your plan before you. During the “heavy periods, you are taken down to the earth. At the same time, you have an ideal opportunity to evaluate your tips. In which markets are you especially strong for sports betting? Where do mistakes creep in again and again? The bookkeeping helps refine the strategy.

  1. Turn off your greed

Today, as in everyday life, there is still the much-mentioned luck for the novice in football. In the first few days, sports betting enthusiasts usually perform excellent performance with excellent returns. The thought “great, why shouldn’t it go on like this” has to be suppressed very, very quickly. Turn off your greed. There are certainly worse periods in which your capital preservation is also required. Don’t think that the sun shines every day when you bet. You’ll end up with less if you like more and more.

For example, if you have earned a plus of 100 percent at the end of your accounting phase, you could logically double your stakes. However, I advise you to have your winnings paid out at regular intervals. The day will surely come when you have to go for more.

  1. Do without mathematical systems like doubling

If things go bad, many sports betting enthusiasts panic. The minus could be adjusted as soon as possible. On the one side, wrath is put, typically incorrect. On the other hand, measures are made to cover for defeats with statistical techniques like doubling the stakes. It goes without saying that things like the Martingale system have absolutely no place in the live betting of the football game. Any match must be evaluated and forecast based on team size. In other words, FSV Gütersloh won’t succeed at FC Bayern Munich precisely because the sports betting buddy wants these mathematically determined odds exactly.

  1. Obtain the necessary knowledge

Betting football is a little war between the bookmaker and the client. The bookie always enters the race with an advantage due to his profit margin and the quotation. You should, however, adjust for this with the requisite skills. Just put your football bets on games that you know precisely about the players and the league. Speak to missing teams, special home forces or favored adversaries. Regional derbies are also quite unusual. 

See also the significance of the game. Maybe one of the teams will have a big foreign match next week and save any regulars? There are numerous small details that need to be worked out in the long-run process of your sports betting in the game of football.

My personal top tip is not to rely necessarily on the top thighs. In less important cases, you have more time to hear about the bookie.

I just presume that you have the requisite skills in the markets and options at this stage. Do not put bets on odds until you are 100% positive about what they say.


The football bets and  tips mentioned above are unbiased, prepared by our experienced staff. Bear in mind that nothing like a sure wager forecast is available. Think. Remember. Any bookmakers website or social networking handle that promises such bet tips should be viewed as suspect. We all might dream of a free huge odds that would win, but the only way to get successful sports betting tips is to maintain the option’s importance.

We suggest that you make your own online betting study, mainly to bet on the league you know well before placing a bet in a football game. 

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