7 Tips for Enjoying Sports while Social Distancing

7 Tips for Enjoying Sports while Social Distancing

At almost every level, sport faced one of the worst droughts in recent decades during the last year. Slowly and gradually, athletes and fans returned to the stadiums and it is time for you to make a comeback to enjoy your favourite sports while social distancing. However, the priority must be to respect and follow government guidelines for social distancing. As long as you follow these guidelines, you are all set to enjoy your favourite sports in a safe and healthy way. 

For example, if you are a fan of international cricket, your heart is probably pounding to grab a cricket batm but there are several important steps you have to first take o ensure social distancing. Then, after months of watching the India national cricket team roster from your home, you can finally return to your local cricket ground with my teammates.

Whether cricket, baseball, soccer, or something else, here are 7 essential tips for enjoying your favourite sport while social distancing.

  • Prepare your Game Plan 

Team sports involve personal interaction one way or another and in the midst of a global pandemic, participants are more vulnerable than usual. To reduce the risk of the spread of infection, the first thing you need to do is to choose a safe outdoor setting for your activity. It is critical that you choose somewhere to practice that is big enough to safely accommodate your number of teammates. 

  • Minimum Distance is Top Priority 

All too often, people neglect this guideline at times, perhaps overlooking the severity of the situation. However, everyone should know that it is essential to stay at least two metres (six feet) apart at all times. No matter what others in your team may say or do, make sure to maintain this distance, and encourage others will follow it. If you do not follow the guidelines, it is all too easy for standards to slip and everyone to take this for granted. 

  • Participate in Safe Sports 

Cricket, cycling, and baseball are some of the sports that allow you to maintain safe distances, whereas soccer and rugby are examples of sports in which physical contact is inevitable. Carefully choose the sports you choose to participate in and consider limiting high-intensity plays. For example, you can limit soccer to long passes, free kicks, and penalty shootouts only.

  • Carry Sanitisers and Wear Masks 

This is the primary requirement you must put in place for anyone participating in sports. These measures reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus in the case of physical contact. The mask will protect all players from aerosol germs, and sanitise limit infection through contact. Remember, the force of a sneeze can project germs to a distance of around 6 metres (21 feet). 

Sanitiser is extremely important in games that involve using the same gear, such as shared balls and bats. This way, the virus can spread easily and sanitiser will be your best  defence. 

  • Reduce Team Sizes 

It is better to reduce team size, for example from 11 in many team sports to five. This way you can enjoy sports while having enough space to spread out and stay safe. This will minimize the chances of physical contact. Moreover, a smaller team size means the less time is needed to complete training or playing

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