5 Reasons Why Plinking Is The Best Shooting Sport Ever

Plinking is a hugely underrated shooting sport that seems to be most popular in the US’s rural parts. However, it’s an excellent sport even kids can try, as long as they have an adult close by to teach them how to use a BB gun properly. 

Plinking is easy to learn, and it never gets boring once you master the necessary skills needed to shoot distant targets. This Vortex review might help you find the best scope to do so. So, if you own a BB gun or a small-caliber rifle, and if you want something to shoot at, you should set up a few targets in your backyard. 

What Is Plinking?

Plinking got its name from the sound metal cans make when shot with a BB gun. Way back, when most people didn’t have access to shooting ranges and plinking targets, they used to shoot at metal cans to improve their aim and have fun competing with friends and family members.

It was an informal shooting sport where the people involved used small caliber rifles or BB guns that had just enough power to hit a can from less than 75 yards. Today, plinking is still used to improve aim and control, but it has all but died as a sport, except in the US.

Many ranchers and countrymen still use old-school plinking to practice their aim or simply to have fun after a Sunday family dinner. The rules allowing plinking differ from one state to another, so not everyone can enjoy this sport outdoors; however, if you live in an area where you can set up your own plinking range, even better.

Why You Should Try Plinking

Sure, many people will simply go to the closest gun range and work on their aim there, and that’s perfectly fine, but it’s not nearly as fun as plinking. Not only that, all you need for planning is a BB gun, and you can even organize a small tournament with your kids after you teach them everything about using BB guns and the sport itself. Here’s why you should consider trying plinking this summer:

1. It Helps Your Coordination 

Being a successful shooter largely depends on your hand-eye coordination. It takes years to reach the level where you’re one with your rifle, so practicing shooting from a young age is a good idea. Plinking is not just about aiming down the sights and hitting the target. It also involves other actions such as ejecting cartridges, changing the position for another shot, and so on. All of these skills are extremely important if you want to improve your rifle handling skills. 

2. Excellent for Stress Management

Many people who own guns go to the practice range to blow off some steam after a long day or week at work. Well, you can get the same effect with plinking, but without spending so much money on weapons, practice range passes, or ammo. 

BB guns are cheap, and so is the ammo. You can simply go out to your backyard, set up a few targets, or even an entire gun range with different shooting positions and obstacles. Just grab your gun and start shooting targets until you feel more relaxed.

3. It’s Fun

Plinking is fun for everyone, even kids. Try it once, and you’ll want to do it again and again. If you have kids, teach them how to use a BB gun properly, and allow them to try shooting at a few cans of paper targets. They will have a lot of fun, and if you set things up correctly, they might want to keep practicing and possibly even compete in target shooting when they get older. 

4. Great as a Social Activity

Plinking is an excellent pastime for the entire family. You can set up targets and create an obstacle course where all family members can compete against each other and spend hot summer days having fun outdoors. You can use guns other than a BB gun, as long as they are small caliber weapons. 

You can use plinking to introduce guns and shooting to your friends and family members that might negatively view firearms in general. You can show them that owning and shooting a gun can be something fun and positive, and who knows, they might want to give it another go the next time they come to visit.

5. Learn How to Use a Scope

No matter how new or accustomed to shooting guns you might be, plinking will definitely help you improve your aim. It’s also an excellent starting point for newbies who want to move on to bigger rifles and larger calibers in the future. 

If you’re already an experienced shooter, you can practice your aim with a new scope from multiple shooting positions and distances. As long as you always keep safety in mind, plinking can help your aim a lot in the long run.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, plinking is an enjoyable shooting sport you can try with your friends and family members. You don’t even need a real rifle to have fun shooting targets, but you can use it to improve your aim and overall coordination if you do. Just give it a try, and you might become a passionate “plinker” in no time.

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