Online Sports Betting in Germany

Similar to other leading sports betting countries in Europe, Germany has a culture where sports betting and gambling hold a high place. In Germany, sports betting is considered to be an excellent pastime, and this results in a boom in the online gambling industry in the country. The popularity of sports betting in Germany is because the country is part of the European Union which doesn’t have strict laws in terms of gambling. 

So the country doesn’t feel any pressure to refrain from promoting online sports betting and gambling. Since there are many fans of online betting and gambling in the country, there are many reputable sites as well as a few unlicensed operators. So as a punter from Germany, you need to be careful when it comes to betting online. The good news is that there are top sites like that provide punters from Germany with the best options when it comes to selecting betting venues.

Keep reading to find out more about gambling online before you can pick your favourite sports betting destination at the site and sign up. Everything that you need to know is available in the following sections. So be sure to go through all of them.

Legality and Regulation of Online Sports Betting in Germany

There are no specific regulations on interactive betting and gambling on the territory of the European Union. This is the main reason each state has to decide the regulations and laws to control online sports betting and gambling within its respective jurisdiction. The main aim of the European Commission is to support the attempt of all EU members to change their betting laws and allow a modern and free gaming environment that is properly regulated.

In 2012, there was a regulation and licensing process for all sports betting operators. However, since the act was outlawed, the Government of Germany cannot license any betting and gambling sites. In 2016, the Government of Germany tried to introduce an Amendment Treaty that would see all of the 35 operators in the country to receive gambling licenses at the end of the year 2018. But the Amendment Treaty didn’t pass. The main reason for the failure of the treaty is that the states of North Rhine, Westphalia, Schleswig and Hesse didn’t approve all the changes required.

Popular Sports and Markets in Germany


Germany is a country that has won the football World Cup four times in its history. Also, it has taken the silver medal four times and finished in the third position on four occasions. The primary reason to provide this introduction is to make it obvious that football is the most popular betting market and sport in Germany. In both live fans and in terms of sports betting in the country, football is the king of sports.

The Germany Bundesliga is one of the top football leagues in Europe as well as across the world. The yearly participation of top teams like Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich in the Champions League competition provides gamblers from Germany with lots of reasons to support their favourite teams and enjoy a massive array of wagers as well.

Of all the online sports betting activities in Germany, approximately 80% is represented by soccer bets, while other sports share the remaining 20%.


Golf is another popular sport that attracts as many German punters as possible. The popularity of golf in terms of betting is in no way surprising, putting into consideration that Germany is one of the leading European golf states. As a result of the huge support for golf in the country, it’s natural that punters are always looking to place bets on the sport. 

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another sport that enjoys a huge fan base in both live viewership and online betting. The popularity of ice hockey in Germany has resulted in the majority of towns and cities in the country having their respective teams in the popular Deutsche Eishockey Liga. Punters from Germany enjoy wagering at bookmakers that offer competitive odds on ice hockey events from this league as well as many other popular ones in the country and across the world. 


Motorsports is one obvious betting choice for gamblers from Germany. Without any doubt, Germany is popular for some of the best cars in the entire world, which is one of the main reasons why the sport of motorsports is extremely popular among punters. 

Naturally, bettors from the country enjoy wagering on huge as well as popular motorsports tournaments like Formula One. The fact that well-known racers Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel are Germans has made the sport more popular across the country. 


Among the wagering preferences of German punters, you’ll also find basketball. One of the main reasons why this sport is popular in Germany is due to one of the most celebrated NBA players Detlef Schrempf as well as Dirk Nowitzki, the current professional NBA player. 

Both of these players are from Germany, and due to their excellent performances, they sparked the love for basketball among their countrymen and women. Apart from making wagers on all NBA games, German punters also enjoy betting on their own favourite teams in the Basketball Bundesliga.

Common Odds Format in Germany

Anytime sports bettors want to pick a sportsbook that offers competitive odds, they just need to calculate the profits that they might make when placing a winning wager. That is why it’s important for gamblers to deeply understand the format of odds that a given bookmaker offers. 

Generally speaking, there are three main types of odds formats that sportsbooks across Germany offer. It’s not easy and straightforward to determine one odds format as being the easiest for a punter to comprehend. The most common odds formats include the following:

  • Decimal: Also known as European odds, the decimal is one of the popular types of odds in Germany. Decimal odds offer an easy way for punters to determine what will be their respective potential profits if their wagers win. The bigger the number, the better the potential returns will be. For example, when you see the odds of 2.2, it means you will earn £2.20 for every £1 you wager.

  • Fractional: This is another popular type of bet among sportsbooks. Similar to decimal, fractional odds are easy and straightforward to understand. They are popular among Irish and UK punters. An example of the fractional odds is something like 10/11. This means that when you bet £110, you will receive £100 when you win the bet.
  • American: Punters from Germany may find the American odds format a bit confusing. However, those who have been to American will understand them better. Positive and negative numbers represent American odds. For example, you will find an odd like this one -200, which means if you bet £200, you will win £100.

Germany punters prefer the decimal odds format. The best part about most online bookmakers is that they, in most cases, allow their customers to select the odds format that they feel comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a seasoned player or you’re looking to start your online gambling journey today, you will find sites like ideal for you. This site provides helpful information as well as betting options that are a perfect match for Germany players. Finally, we think that this guide has provided you with everything you need to start your online gambling journey in Germany. So pick your best betting platform and get started today.

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