How To Choose The Right Field Hockey Stick?

The hockey stick is a field hockey player’s main weapon on the field. The hockey stick is the player’s only connection to the ball on the court and the field. On the field, every player has a different set of talents and each player is just as useful. A player with the wrong stick in hand is useless on the field. 

In this guide, we advise the method for a player to choose the right stick based on several different characteristics. With the right stick in hand, a player can make sure their team wins the game. All of these sticks are available at,

Different Factors Associated With Choosing The Right Hockey Stick

  1. Length

A player can only be successful with a hockey stick of the right size. The right size of a stick depends on the height of a hockey player. You will need a longer stick if you are taller. Another factor that can help determine the stick of the right size is whether you are playing defense or offense. 

A stick with the proper size should reach up to the middle of your kneecap if you hold it upside down starting from your armpit. An offensive player will be able to handle the ball better with a slightly shorter stick. A player playing defense will be able to handle the ball better with a slightly longer stick.                                                                                               

  1. Selecting The Right Toe Design

The heel of a stick is the part that touches the floor. The scoop of a stick refers to the inside semi-circle facing up to the player on the opposite end of the heel. The toe refers to the place where the stick ends in a semicircle. There are 11 players on a field hockey team and each player has a different role in the game.

Players can choose from four different toe designs, the shorti, midi, maxi, and hook. The shorti toe is used by expert offensive players because it can quickly maneuver the ball with precise control while maintaining balance. The midi toe is used by midfielders and it is slightly longer than the shorti toe. A midi stick, which is the most common choice for beginner players, allows the player to drive the ball with precision even for reverse shots. 

The maxi toe stick is used mostly by defensive players in front of the goalie. It is called the maxi stick because this stick offers the player maximum power when driving the ball for long distances. The hook is the longest stick from end to end with a j-shaped design. The hook has a double-head design to control the ball while attempting drag-flicks as well as reverse stick shots.

Which Hockey Stick Is Right For Me As A Beginner Player?

The first stick design that you begin playing field hockey with will have an impact on your overall game. Coaches recommend starting with a well-designed midi stick to understand exactly what position you will play in the game. Players that discover they have better offensive skills than defensive skills can choose the specialized stick for offensive plays. Sticks with advanced architecture are expensive and better suited for skilled players.

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