The NHL’s 10 Most Valuable Teams

Betting on NHL is often confusing, and even if the NHL consensus picks may help, knowing which are the most valuable teams comes handy when deciding how to place your money. Luckily for all of us, Forbes publishes a useful list that shows which are the NHL’s 10 most valuable teams each year. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. New York Rangers

New York’s professional ice hockey team was established in 1926 and since then, it has won four Stanley Cups and seven Division Championships. NHL’s most valuable team, New York Rangers is worth $1.65 billion and boasts an operating income of $87 million.

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs

Founded in 1917, Toronto Maple Leafs is almost 10 years older than the New York Rangers, but it only occupies the second place in terms of teams’ worth. The club brags with five Division Championships and is currently worth $1.5 billion. Its operating income is substantially lower compared to the Rangers, at only $56.3 million.

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

Like Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens was founded in 1917 and it has played uninterruptedly since. Despite its incredible record of 24 Stanley Cups and 24 Division Championships, Montreal Canadiens is only the third in the top of NHL’s most valuable teams. The team is worth 1.34 billion, and its operating income is of $86.5 million.

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

Like the New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks was founded in 1926. It brags with six Stanley Cups and 16 Division Championships, and despite its mind-blowing worth, it only occupies the fourth place in our top. The team is worth a little over $1 billion and has an operating income of $45.3 million.

  1. Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins are one of the oldest NHL teams in the US. It was founded in 1924 and shares the same number of Stanley Cups with the Chicago Blackhawks, namely six. The team is worth $1 billion and boasts an operating income of $26.8 million

  1. Los Angeles Kings 

At the opposite end of the Boston Bruins, the Los Angeles Kings are one of the youngest NHL teams in the US. The team was founded in 1967 and is currently worth $825 million. Bragging with two Stanley Cups and one Division Championship, the Los Angeles Kings have an operating income of $45.3 million.

  1. Philadelphia Flyers 

Also founded in 1967, the Philadelphia Flyers also won two Stanley Cups but it has 16 Division Championships. With a value of $800 million, the team has an operating income of $7.9 million.

  1. Detroit Red Wings

Founded in 1926, the Detroit Red Wings are one of the first hockey teams in the US. They may not have the Ranger’s value, but still brag with 11 Stanley Cups and 19 Division Championships. Their value is $775 million whilst the operating income is $31.2 million.

  1. Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals team was founded in 1974 and is the youngest on our list. With a value of $750 million, it has an operating income of £7.7 million.

  1. Vancouver Canucks 

Last but not least, the Vancouver Canucks is the last on our list of NHL’s 10 most valuable teams. The team was founded in 1945 and has a value of $725 million. With an operating income of $2.9 million, the team has 10 Division Championships but no Stanley Cups.

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