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CBC Drama LIVE | Egypt

Ramadan 2018 live TV Shows | FTA TV

For TV programming during Ramadan, the golden rule is that there must ­always be something for everyone. Whether you believe it is a good or a bad thing, the secular habit of TV viewing has become as much a part of Ramadan as fasting.

Television networks across the Middle East – including heavyweights such as CBC, ON-E, Al HAYAH & DMC – all rely heavily on this time of year for a spike in ratings. This is good news for viewers, as the channels go all out to lure them with the finest small-screen ­entertainment. We’ve sifted through the soap operas, historical dramas, regional sitcoms, cultural chat shows, religious ­programmes, cooking shows, big-budget epic sagas, social broadcasts and entertainment series to highlight some of the most interesting options to look out for.

CBC Drama Egypt | LIVE

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