Nilesports.com’s Ramadan 2019 Live TV (FTA)

Ramadan 2019 is the period when all major regional networks unveil their marquee programmes to capture what they deem is a captive family audience in the evenings.

From big-budget dramas and comedies, to a Gulf version of US prison drama Orange is the New Black, the holy month is once again a time to welcome the most captivating programmes you will see all year.

With each show screening daily, it can be impossible to keep up with them during the month. Fortunately, most of these will be available for streaming from the broadcasters website in addition to being re-run after Ramadan.

#RamadanKareem and you and your families a blessed #Ramadan.

Here is a list of live TV channels that you can watch online free

Al Kahera Wal Nas Live

Al Kahera Wal Nas 2 Live

SADA EL Balad live


CBC Sofra

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