7 Most Ridiculous Contract Clauses in FIFA History

7 Most Ridiculous Contract Clauses in FIFA History By: Amr Nagi What do we know about the football player’s contracts? Actually most of the football fans are not interested...
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7 Most Ridiculous Contract Clauses in FIFA History

By: Amr Nagi

What do we know about the football player’s contracts? Actually most of the football fans are not interested in the football contracts, but some of them are interested only in two parts: The first popular item is how long the contract is? And then comes the money of course.

“For how much the club sold the player”. Actually I would like to move a bit deeply and take a look at some contracts of our famous footballers. Of course, we are not going to discuss the law conditions but in the upcoming statements you will read and discover that there are some strange contractual terms in some player’s contract. Some of them make you sympathize and some make you surprised.

Many questions regarding to this subject can be asked, for example:

  • Is there any limitations applied by the FIFA on those contracts?
  • Does the FIFA revise all contracts that have done between the players and their clubs?
  • What if the club or the player decided to add a strange contractual term in the contracts? Is that available?

The answers of all these questions will be clear once you read the coming statements.

Now let’s view some strange contracts between footballers and their clubs

Biting is forbidden

Suarez: According to what he previously did in the field during the matches, Barcelona club has ordered Suarez that he will be convicted in case if he bites any player in the field. Since then, Suarez did not bite any player, and he is committed to the terms in the contract.


Free family flying tickets

Thiago Silva: In 2012 Silva has ordered his club to get eight free flight tickets for him and his family every year.

Travelling to the space is prohibited

Stefan Schwarz: In 1999 Sunderland club has ordered the Swedish player not to travel to the space after a rumor that his agent has bought two tickets for travelling. Then, in 2003 he fell with his club to the second division.

No flying at all

Dennis Bergkamp: In 1995 the Dutch player ordered his club “Arsenal” that he has the choice to not participate the matches that require flying travelling due to his flying phobia.

Football boots

Van der Vaart: The Dutch player ordered his club “Real Betis” that he has the right to wear any color of boots he likes. They agreed about that except wearing the red ones because of the jersey color of Sevilla club.

I need a Private Jet

Samuel Eto’o: The Cameroonian player asked and ordered his Russian club” Anzhi Makhachkala” to live in Moscow instead of Dagestan city. This requires a private jet for transportation due to the long distance between those two cities.

No over weight

Neil Ruddock: His club “Crystal palace” mentioned in the contract that they will deduct 10% from his annual income in case of his weight exceeds 99.8 Kg. This actually happened 8 times in 6 months.

Now, we can say the contract between the club and footballers is flexible as you can add any condition you would love to, as long as it is within the law. After what you read, do you think these terms are still strange or a bit logic? Moreover, do you think the FIFA should control these strange terms or keep it between the club and the footballers?

Now, my question is, if you are representing your club to sign a new famous player, which player would you chose? And which strange item would you suggest to add in the contract?

Article by: Amr Nagi

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