Champions League Final: How to Watch It If You’re Not There

Champions League Final: How to Watch It If You’re Not There Ever since it was introduced back in 1955 as European Champion Clubs’ Cup, UEFA Champions League has remained...

Champions League Final: How to Watch It If You’re Not There

Ever since it was introduced back in 1955 as European Champion Clubs’ Cup, UEFA Champions League has remained one of the most popular competitions in the world of sports. Especially at the old continent, where crowds fill the stadiums even during the group stage of the competition. The 64th season of 2018-2019 was quite a ride for football fans.

We are in the middle of the elimination phase, now only left with four teams – LaLiga queen Barcelona, Liverpool, Ajax, and Tottenham Hotspur. With only the semi-finals and finals in front of us, the question of who will be the winner is on everyone’s mind.

This season’s UEFA Champions League final is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st, and it will take place at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. The match will start at 8 pm BST.

Not All of the Tickets Are Available for Fans

Even if you are interested in spending a few of your vacation days to visit the breathtaking city of Madrid and cheer for your favorite team at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, you might end up a ticket short.

Atletico Madrid’s home stadium has 63,500 seats. While it is expected that the stadium is going to be full, not all the tickets are available for the fans to buy.

Supporters of the two finalists will have access to 34,000 tickets, which is just over half of the stadium capacity. This means that each team that makes it to the finals will receive 17,000 tickets. These are going to be available for the club’s season ticket holders. If you happen to be one of these, then you’re in luck!

4,000 tickets were available for general purchase until April 21st. The remaining tickets will be sold in the following order – 5,500 will be made available to the general public, and the remaining 25,500 tickets will go to “the local organizing committee, UEFA and national associations, commercial partners and broadcasters.”

Use a VPN to Stream the Match From Anywhere

If you can’t be there to support your favorite team in person, it’s not the end of the world. We live in a digital era, and you can enjoy the game wherever you are.

There are several streaming centers online that you can register on and buy a subscription to watch the UEFA Championship Final. You can choose whether you want to watch it from your smart TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Millions of football fans are going to be glued to their screens on the eve of the finals. There are also going to be free streaming options. BTSport, for instance, will allow a free stream over its smartphone app (both Android and Apple). The match will also be streaming on YouTube. The streams will start at around 7 pm. Here are the best sports streaming sites according to TechRadar.

Test out different streaming services for the semi-finals to see whether they work properly. You might not be able to access the streams due to geo-restrictions, or they might be slow due to bandwidth throttling. But don’t worry, there is a workaround for both of these problems.

You can use a virtual private network to unlock geo-blocked sport streams and enjoy the UEFA Championship finals wherever you are. As a bonus, a VPN will enable you to enjoy safe online surfing, in anonymous mode and hidden away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

Watching the quarterfinals was very thrilling. Barcelona went over Manchester United with half the effort it can put on the field. Juventus didn’t manage to keep up with the impeccable Ajax’s play. Tottenham Spurs got through thanks to the away goals, and Liverpool didn’t have any trouble eliminating Porto.

In the semifinals, Barcelona will face Liverpool, while the Spurs will have to take on the Dutch giants Ajax. While we don’t know who the finalists will be, we do know the date and place. Now that you know how to leverage online streaming and the benefits of a VPN to watch the game even if you are not there, we hope that you will enjoy every moment of it.

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