Variety of Online Basketball Markets

Basketball is another sport just like football which is revered by punters. This international sensation has a huge fan following, and it includes more than the punters. Some of the basketball leagues such as NBA, NCAA etc, bring in more fans as compared to the other leagues. 

You can now access basketball league matches on several betting sites to watch them as well as gamble upon. Moreover, if you play at a complex real money casino site, you can even get a nice bonus to start your betting adventure.

If you are new to basketball betting, read below to know all the info about the variety of online basketball markets. 

Moneylines: This is also known as a straight bet. Here, you pick a player or a team and directly place a wager on them. 

Two-way: Two-way is also a simple bet just like the Moneyline. This bet allows punters to place a bet on a team that they think might win.

Over/Under: Also known as Total, punters have to predict if the team will score over/under a certain determined level.

Parlay: Parlay bets allow you to combine 2 or more bets in any particular sport. Some of the bets that you can combine include moneylines, futures, totals and so on. The catch here is that you must correctly predict all the bets you have wagered. If not, you lose your bet. 

Round Robin: You can make multiple smaller parlay wagers using the Round Robin bet. The Round Robin bets can be placed on a series of players or teams. 

Quarter Bets: As the name suggests, punters can bet on the outcomes of each quarter. It can be odds reflecting the total points or the winning team in the quarter.

Halftime: Halftime bets can be placed on the teams which might dominate in the first half or in the second half. Also, you can bet on over/under scores of the teams in the first or second half of the basketball game.

Odd/Even Bets: Use this bet to guess if the total score of teams will sum up to an even or odd number. The bet includes the sum of either a single team or multiple teams combined total.

These are some of the most popular markets in the basketball game. However, there are few others like Race, Combo bets, Future bets, Proposition bets, If bets, Special Players bets and so on. 


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