All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Belmont Stakes 2021

The US triple Thoroughbred Race’s final leg has finally been announced with the commencement of the Belmont Stakes 2021. Up to 16 prestigious and well-known champions and finishers hailing from Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby would compete as the final champion of the whole season.

However, this year will take an exciting turn as the current pandemic still rages on. From previous experiences learned last year, expect that limitations would show up as the event comes closer. Regardless, here’s what you should know about the current news and updates for the final leg of the US Triple Thoroughbred Race Series. 

Silent Races for the Belmont Stakes?

Finally, ending the circuit with its 150th milestone. This year’s Belmont Stakes has become a real deal in terms of pot money values, already projecting millions of dollars in bets and sales. And as for New Yorkers in Elmont, countless jackpot prizes and energy fueled races await in their streaming devices. 

As mentioned earlier, this is by no means an ordinary event. Things would turn out differently due to the current pandemic causing a global crisis. One of the notable events since the onset of coronavirus is the last Belmont Stakes race, where Tiz the Law claimed first place and became the first winner without stage audiences. 

Sports fans and enthusiasts remain hopeful to have an everyday experience in the upcoming Belmont Stakes. Still, like all other horse racing events placed under strict pandemic protocols since 2020, many would hope to have more viewing opportunities and interactions with the community in the arena.

Coronavirus Safety and Health Protocols

Health protocols and social distancing will be expected at the Belmont Stakes in 2021. It is essential to consider that the security and safety of the audiences, participants, and the general community would be at utmost priority.

If you are planning to watch the race live, expect certain limitations. One of which is restricted access to some sitting areas, food and drink stalls, and wearing face masks during the whole duration of the race. There are currently no official announcements regarding the protocols to which the Belmont Stakes would adhere. But to an event as big as this, the measures stated above are the standard requirement.

Aside from the health and safety protocols, Ongoers and bettors are highly encouraged to have their event transactions online. Tickets to the event and betting transactions are made through virtual stalls to minimize physical interactions and exchanging of bills, which could increase the risks of a breakout.

Triple Crown Betting’s Glorious Comeback

A prestigious betting event always accompanies a prestigious race. Such as the Triple Crown Betting held alongside the Triple Thoroughbred Race. 

The Triple Crown Betting has faced a considerable drop during the pandemic. As in a typical setting, the Triple Crown Betting is based on the timeline of events starting from the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and topping it off with the Belmont Stakes.

However, 2020 took a controversial turn as the pandemic gave the initial events severe delays and reschedulings, leading to colossal disorientation of the events’ order and canceling the whole Triple Crown Betting. This made the whole community disappointed, and overall sales and viewership ratings dropped down to severe levels.  

Fortunately, with the event set to have complete preparations against the global crisis. Speculations about the Triple Crown Betting’s return slowly spread.  Nothing is confirmed yet about this, and it is just a matter of timing and a series of approvals before we can enjoy another fantastic betting event. 

Belmont Stakes 2021: Top Contenders

Organizers have yet to announce the formal lineup of participants for this year’s event. But this does not stop enthusiasts and experts from speculating some racers that are to compete in the race. Indeed, some horses have stood out for their records and stole the spotlight, seeing as a potential candidate to break the legendary Secretariat Belmont Record.

Secretariat is remembered as one of the best racing horses in the whole Thoroughbred series. Not only he dominated all Triple Crown Circuits and broke long-standing records. His highest records remain at the top for almost four decades, a Secretariat’s peak performance only holds yet. 

With that in mind, see some of the contenders for the upcoming race: 

  1. Maxfield

Maxfield is one of those horses which is in between joining or passing up the circuit. While his recent performance at the Breeder’s Cup would land him a spot, speculations were made that Maxfield would less likely join. Nevertheless, he is still a formidable competitor should he join the Belmont Stakes 

  1. Tiz the Law

Tiz the Law has made quite a name with his recent victories and feats over the previous circuits. Especially with his win at the Champagne Stakes. Knowing that Champagne stakes used the same field as the upcoming  Belmont, it would be hard for Tiz the Law to miss out on the advantages he has against others.  


With so many questions and speculations around the air, we are left to wait as the Belmont slowly unravels more details as the day passes.  Considering the pandemic’s influence over the event, all we can do is to speculate on what surprises may come as the event comes close.


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