Who Is the Better Centrepiece Between Haaland and Mbappé?

Modern football fans have been spoiled with the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo over the years. They are insane players who have raised the ceiling for athletes all around the world. 

Only a few players have the potential to reach the levels of how those two operate but there are two examples today in Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé and Borussia Dortmund’s superstar striker Erling Haaland. 

They are constantly compared to one another and with good reason. They are both insanely talented forwards who use their physical gifts to their advantage. They are superstars for their teams at such a young age and they are the two biggest prospects in the world. Now let’s talk about the debate of who is the better centrepiece out of the two strikers.

Mbappé’s case

Many people talk about his reliance on a fellow superstar in Neymar Jr. With the recent game against Barcelona on the 17th of February, he scored a hat trick against Barcelona at the Camp Nou which is known as a fortress against any striker. Many favoured Barça when people bet on soccer live odds because of Neymar’s absence, but Mbappé proved them wrong.

The Frenchman has already proven that he is a winner at his core. When he was just a teenager, he was a vital part of the French team that won the 2018 World Cup. At the club level, he has not gone a single pro season where he did not win Ligue 1. He won the title with Monaco in 2017-18 and he moved to PSG which has not lost the title since he arrived.

Mbappé is always reliable when it comes to big games. He is a proven winner as evidenced by his many Ligue 1 titles and the World Cup win. There was one wrinkle in his résumé and that is the lack of a Champions League trophy. But if he continues to play like he did in the first leg against Barça, there is no stopping this man to be the best centrepiece in the world.

However, there is a player who can contest that title away from Mbappé.

Haaland’s case

The Norwegian is relatively fresh to the football scene but there is precedent to his fame. His father Alf-Inge Haaland was a player in the late 1990s playing for numerous Premier League squads. He is most known for the nightmare tackle that Roy Keane made which left Alf-Inge writhing in pain. 

However, it seems that Alf-Inge was hard at work with his son as Erling is now one of the best strikers in the world at just 20 years of age. When talking about qualities, Haaland already has an advantage and that is his size. At six-foot-four, most footballers are usually defenders or even goalkeepers.

He is not the same prolific winner like Mbappé but he is a young superstar in the making. He is a valuable player for any team that has him, be it the Norway national team or Dortmund. If you want a striker who can score at will and has the qualities, look no further than Haaland as he is an insane prospect. 

Who is the better centerpiece out of the two? 

It is very hard to choose from both players as they are relatively amazing. However, if one is to be selected, you have to go with Mbappé. It is a hard choice for punters when they bet on live soccer odds and there are two titans playing.

His track record is amazing and he has the potential to win even more trophies and awards. Haaland can reach the same heights that the Frenchman can but it matters in this case. 

It should not be a surprise if Haaland turns out to be the heir to the throne as this debate is very close to call but Mbappé takes the very slight edge. 

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