Could Mohamed Salah Be Tempted By Bayern Munich

With Liverpool failing to fire on all cylinders at present, many are asking whether this is the end of their magnificent current era and if this is to be the case, does it also mean the end of Jurgen Klopp’s managerial tenure.

As the former Borussia Dortmund manager bats away an increasing number of questions regarding his future, the whispers regarding a potential departure only get louder and although this is of great interest, there is perhaps, even more, when it comes to a player exodus.

With Klopp knowing the Bundesliga so well, if he was to return to his homeland then there is arguably only one place he could go and for a man of such talents, then Bayern Munich would surely be his next port of call.

However, the door to the Allianz Arena is currently not open and although the German giants are not looking for a new managerial incumbent, they are always looking for world-class talent and such talent could come from Klopp’s very own Merseyside stable.

A stable that includes the thoroughbred skills of Mohamed Salah and with the Egyptian being recently courted by Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, it seems as if last season’s Champions League winners are doing their best to eventually land a prized target.

With the power that Rummenigge wields throughout footballing circles, there is a case of when he speaks everyone else listens and although such comments would have gained a lot of attention, they would not have gone down all that well at Anfield.

The former West German international is on record as saying:

“It would be an honour to have him. What he has achieved can be compared to what Messi and Ronaldo did with Barca and Real.”

This means such praise may act as a valuable tool in trying to turn Salah’s head and when you consider that the former Basel star has already won the Premier League and Champions League with Liverpool, a new challenge may become rather tempting.

With the Bavarian-based outfit looking on course to win an incredible ninth successive Bundesliga title, the challenge is to keep the red footballing juggernaut moving at pace and the only way to do that, is to add more talent to the conveyor belt.

A remit that Salah would certainly fulfill and if he were to switch the Premier League for the Bundesliga, then those who like a football bet or two may be tempted to reach for the odds calculator, in order to calculate almost guaranteed winnings. 

Because if the 28-year-old were to call time on his Liverpool stint, then Bayern Munich would only become even more likely favourites to win another Bundesliga crown and further prolong the misery of their domestic counterparts.

Not only that, but Rummenigge himself has also stated that he wants the club to lessen the cycles in which they conquer Europe and with that, he means winning the Champions League with a far greater regularity.

Something that would only increase with Salah among their attacking ranks and with Bayern looking to maintain the status quo both home and abroad, the arrival of the two-time Premier League Golden Boot winner would certainly allow for that.

Whether his and Jurgen Klopp’s future are interlinked remains to be seen, although it is fair to say that the next few months may be pivotal to both their next moves and a lot may rest on whether they manage to finish in the top four of the Premier League at the end of the season.

Something that only a month or so ago, looked like a dead cert and even with their litany of defensive issues, it would be churlish to suggest that their defence of the title, would be one that ends up being rather meek.

However, a month is a long time in football and with Liverpool going through a wretched run of form, a top-four finish is no longer a certainty and by the same token, so is expecting their biggest names to stick around.

Because, if Liverpool can find some semblance of form between now and May, it may give the current squad members the impetus to go again. However, if their collapse is continued and spectacular, then Bayern Munich may just become more appealing to Mohamed Salah.

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