Which Sport is the Most Popular for Online Betting?

Anyone who is looking to wager on sports will need to make some difficult as well as informed decisions. Below is a couple of the decisions that you need to make before you can choose any of the recommended betting sites at betting.co.uk.

  • Which sport you should place bets on. 
  • The number of sports that you should wager on.

You will only find it easy to make these decisions if you are first a sports fan and second a serious punter. If you have these two qualities, then you will only choose to place bets on all of the sports you already follow and love to watch live. This approach is logical since they are the sports that you know and understand better. You are more likely to enjoy wagering on those particular sports, and your knowledge of them will provide you with better chances of winning real cash.

For many individuals, these decisions aren’t easy to make. Some of them follow an array of sports, and they aren’t sure if they can wager on all of them. Others only follow a single sport, and they are not sure if they can limit themselves to that particular sport. And also, some want to bet on sports but do not really follow any of them closely.

All of these groups of people need to really think about which sports to wager on and how many. Even though the decision seems easy, it is going to be something that they will really have to think about. As logical as wagering on all of the sports they already support and follow might seem, this is not primarily the right approach. 

So, what’s the right approach? How many sports should you place bets on? And what’re the best sports for online betting? Unfortunately, there is no right answer to all these questions. What really matters is finding what is best for you. Below are the most popular sports that many punters bet on.

Premier League Champions
Liverpool Crowned Premier League Champions



European soccer or football is the most loved and watched sport across the globe. This makes it not only popular but also the most profitable sport to place wagers on. Many football bets are fairly simple and straightforward to make. As a punter, you only need to predict whether there’ll be a draw or a win and state the correct or final score. 

There are also other betting opportunities for more seasoned punters. They can place wagers on the total number of corner kicks, free kicks and throw-ins, as well as the period in the match when they’ll occur. Also, they can even wager on the number of red or yellow cards to be issued and the exact players that will receive them.

How do you win a soccer or football bet? If you want to win a wager on any football game, doing thorough research is important. You need to take your time and check out different statistics and historic scores as well as winning patterns to increase your chances of making correct selections. When you combine the statistics with your research, you can easily enhance your chances of winning.

When doing research, be sure to keep in mind things like team form, player injuries, the rivalry between the teams and the playing ground. Many teams perform excellently when they are playing at the home ground. Also, you can increase your chances of winning significant amounts of cash when you sign up with a site dedicated to providing competitive odds and generous promotions on football matches. And it should also provide all of the markets and events that you want to select.


Tennis is a sport that is currently experiencing a massive increase in its popularity. And this might come as a shock to individuals who are not die-hard fans of the sport. As a result of its popularity, it is the second most-watched and wagered on sport across Europe and other parts of the world. 

Tennis currently generates billions of pounds of revenue in gambling each year. That isn’t bad for a sport that hits the headlines of many sources with its four major tournaments, which include the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon.

The idea of in-play betting has played a significant role in the increase of its popularity both in terms of live viewership and betting. Additionally, the fact that gamblers can place wagers on each individual tennis event at the touch of a button has also widened its appeal and popularity. Tennis is also a type of sport that’s reasonably predictable compared to football and other popular sports.

Serena Williams has been the best ever player of the women’s tennis game for more than a decade. And when it comes to the men’s game, you will find the likes Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Roger Federer. These players have dominated the men’s tennis game for a very long time. The sport of tennis is ripe for massive profits, and punters from the UK and other parts of Europe have tapped into it.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse racing is another popular sport among punters and sports lovers. However, it is not that in all parts of the globe. It has a long history and tradition in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is almost equally famous as football. Some statistics even show that punters rather decide to place bets on horse racing than betting on tennis.

There’re several popular horse racing events such as Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby and the Grand National in the United Kingdom. With all these events plus others that have not been mentioned, it means that fans of the sport have numerous opportunities to test their skills and luck. Before betting on any event, you need to consider several things, including the form of a horse and its performance in the last competitions.

Currently, many sites provide punters with horse racing tips and lots of useful information. The tips and information can significantly increase your chances of winning when you place wagers on horse racing. Your instinct is another important thing that you need to care about. Instinct is a sister to experience, meaning it will only come once you place bets on as many horse races and events as possible. That is the main reason why starters should start small and increase once they familiarise themselves with the sport. Investing heavily while you suffer from a lack of experience is a massive mistake. So place small bets as you learn the ways to win. 

USA Sports

The USA is popular for some sports. And it is worth noting that sports that are popular in the USA are usually followed by many people from all parts of the globe. That especially counts when it comes to basketball. The United Kingdom doesn’t have a popular basketball league, and because of this, punters will, in most cases, decide to bet on an NBA player or team. 

They will try their best to predict a winner or the number of points that their favourite player will have to score. Additionally, NHL, MLB and NFL are also attractive in terms of betting. And that is the main reason why many bookies offer certain perks, goodies, promotions and bonuses for US sports. Such opportunities make many punters to test their luck and skills on all major sports in the USA.

Final Thoughts About the Best Sport to Bet On

Numerous sports are still appealing to punters. Golf, cricket, greyhound racing, darts, UFC, MMA, WWE, GAA, cycling, rugby union, cricket, motorsports, and ice hockey are becoming massive businesses with online sportsbooks. 

Modern bettors want a variety of options to choose from, and the best part is that sportsbooks are always willing to offer them. In the next coming few years, you should expect smaller sports to challenge the big guns in the world of online betting. To select the best betting options, you can check out the list at betting.co.uk.

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