Real Madrid in Bundesliga Is that Possible? | REPORT

Real Madrid in Bundesliga Is that Possible? | REPORT

What would you imagine when your read the title! Of course most of you would say, no it is impossible, how come a Spanish club playing in the German league. I agree to say it is a bit wired and illogic. But from other perspective we can say, that football now is considered as one of the profitable industry.

Some countries depend on football industry as one of the most important nation income. A price of one player can be equal to an annual income of a state or
a budget of country.

For Example look at Cristiano Ronaldo, his penal condition in his contract is one Billion Euro, and nowadays a rumor said that, the Monaco player Mbappe had transferred to Real Madrid with 180 Million Euro. After all that why not can we find one day some sports clubs playing in anotherís leagues. Thatís why I am always wondering:

  • Is the money control the football industry nowadays?
  • Do you think as a football fans, is it a good idea to open and apply this idea worldwide?

What if I told you that, yes its already existing and itís a fact that we have football clubs plying in anotherís leagues. Some of them still playing till now and some return back to their original league to continue the competitions, and it does not matter how famous the club is or how big it is, the matter is the idea is possible and it a real fact.

Now letís view some of these clubs and in which leagues are they playing

Berwick Rangers is an English club located in Shieffield Park, and they playing in the Scottish League Two 2015-16.

Gretna FC

Gretna is a Scottish football club played in the English premier league until 2002, then after elections that voted to return the club to the Scottish league in 2008, Gretna playing now in the Scottish league.

Swansea City AFC

Swansea football club located in Wales in Swansea city. The club found in 1912 and started professionally as a football club when they joined the football league in 1921. The club was known as Swansea Town and then had been changed to Swansea city to reflect the name of the city of Swansea. Actually the club representing England in the European competitions as they play in the English Premier League.

Cardiff City

Card City is also a Welsh club playing in the championship in England. The club found 118 years ago and their nickname is Bluebirds, their ground is Cardiff stadium with 33,280 capacity.

AS Monaco

Monaco football club or (Les Rouges et Blancs) as their nickname, Located in principality of Monaco and founded in 1924 and started to play in as known, Monaco is one of the most famous clubs in France and playing in Lgue 1. They play their home matches in ďStade Louis II in FontvieilleĒ and as you all know Monaco is the champion of the French league the season 2016-2017.

San Marino Calcio

San Marino Calcio is a football club based in San Marino but played in the Italian league serie D as of 2015-2016. Now they play only in the Sammarinese league.

Actually thatís not all the list still have many clubs, and I was and still wondering is really that possible one day we see one of the biggest clubs such as Real Madrid or Chelsea or Barcelona etc. playing in anotherís league. What would change if we see Chelsea in Spanish league or Barcelona in French league or Real Madrid in German league? Do you think itís possible? And if it is possible my question for you is: which club do you want to see playing in anotherís

Article by:†Amr Nagi

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