A dream team in the making? Ronaldo & Messi

A dream team in the making? Ronaldo & Messi

It has already been a spicy summer transfer window as the world witnessed one of the biggest transfers in the history of football. Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona and joining PSG is something football followers would have never thought of happening despite many rumors lingering around in the past couple of seasons.

There are still a few more days left in this year’s summer transfer window. Will we see yet another big transfer happening during this window? 

Rumors have again been flying around regarding Cristiano Ronaldo not being happy in his current club, Juventus. Juventus is also at the risk of losing Cristiano Ronaldo for nothing as his contracts €30m-a-year contract runs out next summer. Looking at the current covid market, Juventus could be tempted to sell Ronaldo to cover its losses sustained due to the global pandemic, check out Betbarter you can make lots of money every single day while enjoying your favorite sport.

Another interesting rumor has been going around regarding Carlo Ancelotti reportedly wanting Ronald back at Real Madrid. This rumor was quickly put to bed by Ancelotti as he rubbishes these talks in his tweet:

“Cristiano is a Real Madrid legend and he has all my love and respect. I have never considered signing him. We look forward. #HalaMadrid”

But wait, the rumor mill doesn’t stop there. Cristiano Ronaldo is also linked to a sensational move to PSG which would be a dream for any football fan seeing Ronaldo and Messi, two of the greatest ever footballers and also long-term rivals, play for the same club. According to the rumors, Kylian Mbappe, despite Messi joing PSG, is looking for a new challenge elsewhere. And with Mbappe going out, Ronaldo is being considered as his replacement in the PSG ranks. 

Ronaldo Portugal v Hungary
Ronaldo Portugal v Hungary (Photo Credit Youtube)

Messi and Ronaldo playing for the same team would be the biggest headline ever in club football’s history. Although many pieces of the puzzle have to be aligned together in order for this to happen. But as football fans, we can always continue to dream.

With all transfer rumors going around, Cristiano Ronaldo, the man himself has buried all these rumors, at least for this transfer window, in an Instagram post:

“Less talk and more action, has been my guiding motto since the start of my career. However, in the view of everything that has been said and written recently, I have to set out my position.” He said.

Ronaldo continued by saying: “More than the disrespect for me as a man and as a player, the frivolous way that my future is covered in the media is disrespectful to all the clubs involved in these rumors, as well as to their players and staff.”

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He rubbished any rumors linking him to Real Madrid by saying:

“My story at Real Madrid has been written. It’s been recorded. In words and numbers, in trophies and titles, in records, and in headlines. It’s in the Museum at the Bernabeu Stadium and it’s also in the minds of every fan of the club. I know that the true Real Madrid fans will continue to have me in their hearts, and I will have them in mine”

Ronaldo hits out at the media’s “disrespectful” rumor mills as he said:

“There have been frequent news and stories associating me, with nobody ever being concerned about trying to find out the actual truth”

“I’m breaking my silence now to say that I can’t allow people to keep playing around with my name. I remain focused on my career. Everything else? Everything else is just talking”

So that being said Cristiano Ronaldo has affectedly turned down any rumors going around him and he’ll be ready for another season with the Bianconeris.  

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