Who Could be on the Move This Season?

Over the last year and a half, football fans may have switched their interest to playing poker online as football leagues and tournaments have been disrupted by the pandemic. This led to delays in leagues finishing and the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship being postponed until this year. It’s only recently the leagues began operating as normal again.

The sport enjoys vast support from South America, Europe, and Asia, with countries such as Thailand taking a keen interest in the English Premier League. It is this support that makes football the biggest global sport. It is also this support that helps to create a constant buzz even when the season is taking place. 

It is around Christmas and towards the end of the season that the gossip columns in traditional newspapers and blogs start to discuss who might be on the move. Every season there will typically be one big move or a shock, and no doubt some disappointments too. 

Any year that involves a tournament as big as the Euros will always lead to a high level of speculation. Whoever performs well on such a stage will command the interest of some of the bigger clubs.

So, as it stands, who might be moving to pastures greener this Season?

Tottenham are facing upheaval

Tottenham Hotspur seems to be in a constant transitional phase. Just as they looked to be getting everything in the right place they took a step back. No doubt the building and financing of the new stadium took away some of the momenta that were happening on the pitch, but it is hard to understand how the Champions League finalists are under the guidance of their third different manager in around 18 months. 

Unfortunately for Tottenham, it isn’t just managers that were moving, some of the players from the current team have left or wanted out from the club. For some time now Harry Kane has been linked with Man City and despite staying for the moment, speculation continues that he wishes to leave the club, but stay in England.

Other clubs other than City remain interested, yet with Chelsea signing Romelu Lukaku and Manchester United signing Ronaldo this summer, City appears to be the most likely destination. Daniel Levy is unlikely to sell Kane to Chelsea, Tottenham’s London rivals and he has a fractious past when dealing with Utd so he would rather either keep Kane or sell him abroad. 

Departures such as Bale, Lamela, and Aurier have done little to help the team. For anyone interested in this gossip then be sure to have a look at the latest odds on offer if you fancy a bet on what Harry Kanes next move will be. 

What are some of the clubs looking for?

Sergio Aguero was a fantastic player for Man City, scoring over 180 goals including the winner that took them to their first Premier League title back in 2012. Sadly for their fans, he decided to leave for a new challenge in Barcelona, which led to all the speculation about Kane. 

As time went by, it became more and more apparent that a deal would not be taking place and Kane decided to stay at Spurs for the moment. Son Heung-min signed a new contract with the club and for the moment all is calm. Yet, come the winter transfer window, City may begin to flex its financial muscles again, especially if they are struggling to score goals.

At Arsenal, Mikel Arteta is looking to perfect his midfield and rumors persist that they will make a big offer for Sander Berge, currently at Sheffield United. The player is reportedly keen on a move and Arteta also received a boost with the signing of Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid.

Elsewhere, some big names are being mentioned for moves this season. 

Who might move this Season?

Some transfer windows see huge amounts being spent, while others are relatively quiet. This year is quite hard to predict partly because of the names being mentioned in the press, but also because of the effects of Covid on the clubs’ finances.

Stan Kroenke is repaying the loan that Arsenal took out during the pandemic, just in time for the transfer window. Whether this means that Arteta will have funds to compete remains to be seen.

Besides Kane, the names on everyone’s lips are Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. These are two of the most promising young strikers in the game. Rumors abound as to which club they will move to next and high-profile transfers are certainly in the pipeline this season. 

Did the Euros affect any transfers?

Interest always rises in certain players during and after a major tournament. For lesser-known internationals, it can be a great chance to advertise themselves on a huge stage that is watched worldwide. 

This can lead to clubs hurrying to extend players’ contracts to keep them, offers being made for the best performers, and even transfers falling apart. A poor tournament can dampen interest and if an injury occurs then transfer fees can drop dramatically.

Many fans add an extra level of engagement at these tournaments by betting on the outcome of individual games, the golden boot, and the overall winner, but there is another area that is overlooked. When you understand the definitive guide to betting on football you will see how many markets there are, and transfer rumors are always a fun area to get involved in.

How to get the most out of the transfer windows

As mentioned above, there is an opportunity for increased fan engagement by using the transfer windows for betting. The end of the season can be a quiet time for fans so the transfer gossip can help provide some entertainment as you can immerse in the speculation of who’s moving where. 

If you use a casino online and their sportsbook you can bet on football transfers. You can also compare all the odds against other sites easily. This way, you will know you are getting the best odds on any moves that take place. It can be fun and perhaps more interesting to you than other football markets, for example, the number of total goals scored, which are on offer for the games themselves.


It looks like this will be an interesting season. The Euros ran as smoothly as could be hoped for and provided a great run-up to the season after such a strange disrupted previous season. 

While clubs still appear to be a bit wary because of the effects of the pandemic, some mega moves have taken place and will continue to do. Speculation is always ongoing and hopefully this season there will be some good news for your team. If not, maybe it’s best to have a wager on transfers to help ease the pain!

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