Egyptian Premier League – Who is Going for the Title?

Football is one of the most searched topics in Egypt as it is highly popular among the Egyptians. The Egyptian Premier League might not be as well-known as the English Premier League, but it still garners a lot of attention. 18 teams compete in this tournament. The current season of the Egyptian Premier League is in progress and will continue till August 2022. People from Arab countries take a keen interest in this league. Many Arab-speaking players also bet on the matches of this league through the best Arabic betting site. A lot of people use their football knowledge to predict the EPL winner and earn some quick bucks.

The Egyptian Premier League is one of the top leagues in Africa. In fact, it ranks third as per CAF’s 5-year ranking, based on the performance of the African competitions in the last 5 years. The viewership is more than 50% higher than the global leagues.

More than 70 clubs have taken part in the Egyptian Premier League since it began in 1948-49. However, two clubs have been members of the Egyptian Premier League for each season since its inception. Nationally, it is the most viewed sport.

Egyptian League 2020
Egyptian League 2020

What is the Format of the Egyptian Premier League?

The league is played between 18 clubs in a year-long season. In this format, every team will play the other teams twice throughout the season. One game is played at the home stadium and the other at the opponent’s stadium. So, every club will play 34 games. Winners will get three points, while a draw will fetch just one point. If you are on the losing side, you do not get any points.

So, by the end of the season, the club which gathers the maximum number of points will win the championship. In some cases, the points might be equal, and, in such cases, the winning team is decided by confrontation, goals scored, and goal difference. Furthermore, the teams that finish at the bottom of the league will be downgraded to the Division II League. The top three squads from the three different groups in the Division II league are upgraded to the top.

Pitso Mosimane
Pitso Mosimane photo credit Al Ahly SC

Which Team has Won the Maximum Number of Egyptian Premier League Titles?

One of the most successful clubs in the Egyptian Premier League is Al Ahly. The team has won the title 42 times. As a matter of fact, Al Ahly won the league title consecutively in the first nine seasons.  

But their dominance in the league came to an end when they were defeated by Zamalek in 1959-60. This was the tenth Egyptian Premier League. Other than these two sides, just five other teams have been a part of the league’s title. These are-

  • Al Mokawloon Al Arab
  • Ismaily
  • Ghazl El Mahalla
  • Tersana
  • Al Mokawloon Al Arab
Zizo scores for Zamalek

Which Team is Leading the Egyptian Premier League This Season?

In the ongoing Egyptian Premier League, Zamalek, the defending champions, is at the top of the table. They have collected 41 points from 19 games. Pyramids stand second with 39 points collected from the same number of matches. But Al Ahly stands third with 37 points. If Al Ahly is able to win the pending games, they might be able to make it to the top of the table.

The matches are going to continue until 29th August 2022. The scoreboard of the league shows that it is going to be tough competition. No matter who takes the trophy, it will be exciting to watch the teams fighting for the trophy.

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