Brazil en route to a new World Cup title

The FIFA World Cup is popular with a tremendous soccer fan base all around the globe. Now when the event is approaching, people are super excited to watch their favorite players on the ground. The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is just a few months away as it will take place between the 21st of November and the 18th of December. As you might expect, the betting industry is ready to raise the stakes on the biggest football event of the year and set the odds for the expected winners. Bookmakers like Betway sports have already listed the teams most likely to take the trophy home, with a perhaps unsurprising choice at the top:

Brazil considered favorite

The upcoming FIFA World Cup is a golden opportunity for the bookies in the town. Among top bookmakers, most agree that Brazil has the best chance to win the Qatar World Cup, while France and England are considered the likely runner-ups. There has been some fuss about Brazil because it was drawn into Group G alongside Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. Despite the continuous fall of Brazilian soccer for a generation, bookies have high confidence in their victory, as Brazil’s national team has proven its worth in difficult matches in the past.

History of Brazil at the World Cup

The Brazilian team has been a football powerhouse for decades. Brazil is the only country that has appeared in the tournament 22 times since 1930. During this time, the country has won the World Cup five times, namely in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Brazil has been close to the World Cup championship two more times until now. Brazil was one of the very first 13 teams in the inaugural 1930 World Cup, reaching the quarter-finals in 2018 before being knocked out by the Belgium team with 2-1 scores. Brazil en route to a new World Cup title

Brazil is a soccer powerhouse, giving the world legendary players and performing great on the turf. The Brazilian national team has qualified for every FIFA World Cup since the tournament’s inception in 1930, winning the trophy five times, and finishing in the top 3 four more times. It is currently the most successful national team in the World Cup with five trophies.

Top Brazilian players today

  • Neymar – Neymar is considered the king of Paris due to the amazing game he plays on the soccer ground. He is technically superior with a genuine flair for the game and his street smart tactics.
  • Ederson – The Manchester City goalkeeper is a prized asset for the whole team. He is an expert at his duties with outstanding capabilities and command. 
  • Alisson is famous for his performance at Liverpool. He has greatly supported goalkeeping in the Premier and Championship leagues in 2018 and 2019.
  • Fernardinho is the stopgap in the midfield with his amazing flexibility and role of playing ten different positions on the pitch
  • Thiago Silva is a great center-back player who is popular for his defending prowess and leadership skills.


We expect really tough competition in this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar. But at the end of it, the Samba Boys will emerge victorious – at least this is what the bookmakers currently say. Are they right? Well, only time will tell.

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