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Everyone was once a novice player and probably remembers the feeling that accompanies the first steps in a new game. Getting started can also be difficult in FIFA 23, especially if you don’t know some of the general rules of the game. For this reason, we have prepared a set of the most common mistakes that apply to novice players. If you are just starting your FIFA 23 adventure, this guide is for you.

Fifa 23

It is often very difficult for players to start playing FIFA 23 because they have weak players on their team. To buy good players, you must first get a lot of coins – the main in-game resource. Earning coins is very difficult, especially in the beginning. Therefore, many people buy fc 24 coins from a boosting service, where professional players can also help with boosting.

Now we will deal with the main points in the FIFA 23 game.


Don’t panic – if the enemy is not pressing you, there is no point in rushing. Many people panic when they take the ball away from an opponent, but you must approach the game calmly. Losing the ball can result in a goal against you, so be sure to look around the field for the best passing options.

Don’t be predictable – this is one of the most important features you need to learn. Run in a direction different from the one expected by the enemy, or out of the box. Look for alternative paths, and see where there are no opponents on the field. Of course, this cannot be applied at any time, but you will soon learn to think differently than the average player. This is applicable in most matches against real opponents who have a higher level of play than artificial intelligence.

Don’t run if you don’t have to – this is another key rule, slightly related to the first mistake. Beginners have a tendency to sprint as soon as they get the ball. This is a serious mistake because you reduce the accuracy of the passes and, in addition, you lose control of the ball, which makes it easier to intercept. Run only when the situation on the field requires it, for example during fast counterattacks.

When you go one on one with the goalkeeper, use a feint or toss the goalkeeper – these two types of attacks greatly increase your chances of scoring the ball.

Don’t try to make accurate shots – a very good method for hitting a goal in FIFA 23 is the ability to make a precise shot by pressing the button again when the player touches the ball with the foot. This is an effective technique, but first focus on learning how to hit with normal punches.

Use player connection – if you hold LB/L1 before serving, the player will immediately run forward after serving. Use this technique to stay away from your opponents.

Do not press boost if the enemy is approaching – when the enemy is close enough, boost can prevent a successful feint or quickly change direction. Otherwise, you will most likely lose the ball.


Don’t run after an opponent for a long time – defense is more than just running after an opponent. Thus, your defenders will constantly get tired and open up areas for enemy attacks.

Protect the zone, not the player – the best solution is to look around and think about who can give the ball to your opponent and try to intercept the pass. It is one of the main defensive tips for FIFA 23. Switch between players often and try to predict the actions of the player of the opposite team.

Use Second Player Pressure – When you hold RB/R1, your teammate comes to your aid in tackling the ball. Take advantage of this to allow your player to shut down a potential receiver or double tackle.

To switch between players, do not use the button, only the analog – by default, RB / R1 is used to switch between players. You can select almost any player on the field with the right analog stick. Use it to block out opponents who might receive the ball.

Use a jockey – holding RT/R2 on the defensive will have your player bend the knee a bit and take a defensive stance. Then you move a little slower, but it’s a great way to defend yourself. Especially on the flank, when the enemy is preparing to serve.

FUT (Ultimate Team)

Don’t start playing online with the first brown team – if you’re just starting a FUT adventure, it’s likely that the online mode will be pretty tricky for you, so never turn on multiplayer after the first brown team has been assembled. Open all packs, collect all prizes, and try to get the golden section.

Logging into the game every day is one of the most common, but also the easiest way to get additional rewards. All you need to do is turn on FIFA on your computer or any other device every day and you will receive some coins. The prizes are not big, but very useful for beginners.

Don’t forget to collect prizes from the catalog – especially at the beginning when it’s hard to get high cash rewards for playing or trading players.

Follow social media and YouTube to see the streamers who are broadcasting FUT mode in FIFA. There are lots of FIFA 23 streamers on Twitch, for example. You will quickly learn about new useful players who can be traded, bought, and earned profitably. If you want to succeed, you need to be aware of all this – just like everyone who is serious about the Ultimate Team.


Embarking on a FIFA 23 adventure as a beginner can be overwhelming, but fear not – we have compiled a guide to help you avoid common mistakes and make your gameplay smoother. From attack strategies to defensive maneuvers, we cover essential tips to elevate your skills on the field. Additionally, discover the benefits of boosting services and how they can enhance your gaming experience, as well as valuable insights for success in the Ultimate Team mode. Whether you’re aiming for precision shots or effective defending, this guide will set you on the path to becoming a skilled FIFA 23 player.

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