Aviator RTP and Volatility

RTP and Volatility of Aviator Game: General Information

As of today, most of the gambling society users are busy playing more traditional gambling activities like poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette, dices, etc. But, some people from that society prefer newly developed gambling games like Aviator bet. Where you can truly test your luck and try to develop your own new strategies. Aviator game is a disruptive innovation in the field of gambling. It was created in 2021 and still takes a significant piece on the market shares of the global gambling sector. Thanks to HTML5, a programming language which was used in order to create the Aviator game, you may easily play it on any types of electronic devices. It could be run on a computer, laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. The main features of the game is significant RTP (Return to players) of the bets. By keeping it at least 97%, you can easily get a good pot or even a jackpot while playing. Which made this game extremely popular through the years. The Aviator game could be characterised as the dynamic and simple source of joy and delight for its players. There is also a key feature of the Aviator called volatility; this term is used to describe the performance of a game. The volatility level describes the situation during the gambling session, knowing the volatility rate allows you to have an understanding on how often the gambling machine gives you a winning combination and what the possible size of the jackpot could be expected.

Aviator gameplay: general description and order of play

A well-designed game with fairly simple rules, Aviator can keep you entertained for a whole heap of time, as well as financially rewarding. The essence of the game is to guess the optimal time to break the bank. During the playing session you see an airplane on the screen, which smoothly gains height. In parallel with it increases the payout coefficient. Your task is to press the button at the right time, otherwise the aircraft will fly off the screen or explode, which means a loss for the player in both cases. The rules of the game are pretty simple, but it is recommended for new players to follow the instructions during the playtime:

  1. Set the bet size before the game starts. On the bottom of the screen you may find a control panel. You may select the optimal bet value using the “+” and “-” buttons;
  2. Start the round. New round starts every 5 minutes. During this time, the “Waiting for a new round” will appear on the screen;
  3. Carefully watch the trajectory of the flight of the airplane. You should also keep a close eye on the numbers that are shown on the screen – this is the multiplier that will be applied to the bet. The minimum multiplier is 1.01, but it can reach up to x1000;
  4. Press the “Bet” button to stop the airplane and get the winnings. You can take your money as long as the airplane keeps flying.

You may also choose an automatic play mode. To do so, set two parameters in advance: the bet amount and the multiplier value. Afterwards, play the automatic mode button and the system will send an airplane to a flight automatically.


Aviator RTP and Volatility

With proper bankroll management, you will obtain a possibility to multiply your bets by significant numbers. Aviator game has a high RTP (Return to players) rate at the level of 97-99%. These numbers are Aviator’s players to obtain significant jackpots and high rolls. High RTP particularly means that over time players receive a decent amount of money returned. Due to that fact, Aviator is very attractive to those players who are looking for an entertaining option with a decent gambling win percentage. In addition Aviator game has a medium volatility rate which makes the game more predictable and bankroll easily manageable.

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How to obtain maximum profit during Aviator game gambling sessions?

There are few secrets for new players that can be used during the playing sessions. You may find two of them below:

  • If you have a small bankroll, stick to the budget strategy. To do so, set the bet size about ZEN 50 and the auto-cash out limit at 1.10. According to statistics, the airplane and its flight at 1.4-2.4 multiplier. Therefore, if you stop at 1.10, you will win, albeit a small amount. A series of ten successful bets will pay off all investments, after which you may multiply the bankroll;
  • Another gambling strategy that could be used is called the Martingale system. The idea behind that system is as follows – with each loss the next bet should be doubled, and when you win, you return to the initial bet value. This strategy, according to mathematical probability, is an only win condition.

However, the players should also be aware that the Aviator game is based on the random number generation and there is always a risk of losing a bet. The strategies listed above may help you to save the bets and multiply them in the long run.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the minimum and maximum round length in Aviator?

One round lasts at least 5 seconds or some more. But the limit value is not set. There are known cases when the airplane gained altitude within a minute, and brought a good profit.

Does the use of strategies guarantee a win?

There is no single successful strategy for playing Aviator. However, by following proven gaming tactics, you can significantly increase your chances of success.

What are the disadvantages of the Aviator emulator compared to slots?

The main disadvantage is the rapid change of the rounds, so players may not always react in time.

Can I play for virtual currency to test the game?

Yes, virtual currency may be used to play the Aviator game, real money is not an only betting option.

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