Egyptian Football Association Registers World’s Oldest Pro

Today, there’s little that is really able to stun the football world. After all, huge transfers are often made, huge matches take place, players are suspended and more, and...
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA)
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA)

Today, there’s little that is really able to stun the football world. After all, huge transfers are often made, huge matches take place, players are suspended and more, and while they do prove to be talking points, they swiftly die down. Yet, perhaps the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) is looking to provide much more of a focus on itself with its latest signing.

That’s because it has registered the world’s oldest professional player in 75-year-old Ezz El-Din Bahader. Being picked up by the third-division team 6th October Football Club, he is now looking to become an entrant into the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest professional player in the world. Yet, it seems as though Bahader is little fazed by the fame that has come his way due to this. Actually, he went on to draw comparisons between himself and Mohamed Salah, who plays for both Egypt and Liverpool at the moment.

Speaking of himself and Salah, Bahader said:

“He is the top Egyptian professional player and I am the oldest Egyptian player. Age does not matter”.

Will Bahader manage to lead the 6th October Football Club to any sort of victories that will propel the team upwards and out of the third division? Well, that’s anyone’s bet. In fact, there’s the potential for Bahader’s stardom to go above and beyond, which could lead to some exciting bets being available on him at sports betting sites, like the 1xBet platform. There’s even the possibility of downloading the 1xbet mobile app, meaning that players can wager on him and his team from any location.

Egyptian Football Association Announces Signing Via Facebook

The EFA, potentially looking to have its own moment of extra stardom, announced the signing of Bahader via its official Facebook page. It was also noted that the player had had his first practice run with the third division club recently, whilst also meeting with the club’s coach to discuss his physical fitness.

Bahader has hopes of scoring a goal for the 6th October team, and if he does, that would make him the oldest player in the world to score, too. He has chosen shirt number 23 for when he plays in two upcoming games, one of which will be against the Telecom Egypt team – a club that has the potential to go up to the second division. “That would be the most challenging game for the team, so I will do my best to win”, said Bahader.

Vice President of the 6th October football team, Hossam Bernasos spoke of Bahader’s determination in claiming a Guinness World Record. Yet, in order for him to be entered, he has to play in at least two games according to specific conditions laid out by Guinness. As things stand at the moment, the record for the world’s oldest player belongs to Isaak Hayik of Israel. He played as a goalkeeper at the ripe age of 73 for the Ironi Or Yehuda club in 2019. Time will tell if Bahader is able to break the World Record.

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