Premature ejaculation in young men

There are many reasons for premature ejaculation. Usually, it occurs immediately after the member is inserted into the vagina or even earlier. This is a problem because ejaculation takes place before the partners experience mutual sexual satisfaction.

The inability to stop the ejaculation reflex is a common problem for very young men who begin their intimate lives. At this time, large and long-unloaded sexual tension contributes to premature ejaculation. Also important is the stress that accompanies the first erotic contacts, hyperactivity and considerable excitement, as well as the possibility of having many relationships at short intervals.

However one should not worry – every young man, gaining experience, learns to control ejaculation. The process is significantly accelerated by systematic intimate relationships with a regular partner. In some cases, however, the problem persists and you cannot control it with home methods. There are several basic reasons for premature ejaculation.

The most common causes of premature ejaculation

The cause of premature ejaculation is hyperactivity of the labia nerve. The nerve in which the impulses run too quickly and too intensely is responsible for too fast ejaculation.

Another reason for premature ejaculation is the persistent hypersensitivity of the member’s glans. Sometimes it is an innate property, but it can also be acquired, e.g. as a result of certain infections. A quick erection sometimes originates in early youth, when certain reflexes and reactions begin to strengthen. Early ejaculations are favored by one-time and accidental sexual contacts of young people, between whom there are long breaks and the inability to establish lasting relationships with one partner. Too fast ejaculation can also be due to the weak tone of the urethral sphincter muscles.

Sometimes a man does not know about the problem, especially when his partners do not make him aware of the existence of sexual dysfunction.

Ejaculation disorders are often associated with somatic diseases, they are caused, for example, by urinary tract infections or prostatitis. Sometimes premature ejaculation is the result of physical injuries, especially within the spinal cord. However, in the vast majority of men, embarrassing indisposition is psychological. Anxiety, fear, guilt or just time pressure contribute to rapid ejaculation.

How to deal with the problem?

Premature ejaculation can be overcome – there are effective agents on the market that delay ejaculation, usually in the form of anesthetic ointments and gels. It must not be forgotten that a condom should be worn when using the preparations. Otherwise, your partner will be anesthetized.

In some cases, doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals for problems with ejaculation too quickly. Injections from prostaglandins before intercourse, which are performed independently, directly into the cavernous bodies of the member, help. At the beginning of the treatment, you can continue the relationship with your partner after ejaculation, because the erection is still present. After some time, the therapy brings the desired results, and ejaculation is delayed.

Specialists often prescribe erectile dysfunction medications. Their action leads to the resumption of erection soon after the injection. This allows further intercourse with your partner. You can go to Numan for medicine in order to treat premature ejaculation. 

In case of problems with premature ejaculation, it is worth consulting a doctor and help yourself with pharmacy funds and home-made, natural, often very pleasant methods.

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