Best Football Betting Tips This Is How The Professional Bets On Sports Betting!

Regardless of whether we are talking about World Cup betting tips, the Bundesliga or La LIGA, there are general basic rules that must be observed when dealing with sports...
The action and excitement of viewing matches is the reason why you want to make wagers in the first place, so make sure your venue offers the sports you love.

Regardless of whether we are talking about World Cup betting tips, the Bundesliga or La LIGA, there are general basic rules that must be observed when dealing with sports betting specially with football. What raises the issue of what the experts are doing better, of course? To be honest, only a small fraction of tipsters can make a living from this hobby. 

And these experts usually work with probabilities. They know how high the probability of a quota is and set their own data against it. If the online betting tips from professionals come to a higher chance, a stake is placed. However, especially for beginners, finding the best football tips is a hard task. Therefore, we will deal with the sports betting professional tips below.

Sports betting professional tips: About statistics to analysis

Using a simplified representation, we want to explain why statistics are more accurate than gut feeling. Suppose FC Bayern Munich plays against SC Freiburg. A clear matter? Normally yes. However, the best football betting tips are not the safest odds. 

If you want to complete sports betting tips today, you have to weigh the chance and the risk. On the one hand, it is important to understand the odds and then, in turn, to counteract your own analysis. We have prepared a fictitious example for this.

For example, FC Bayern Munich has won eight out of ten games at home this season. At SC Freiburg, four out of ten away games were lost. So Bavaria has a chance of a home win of 80 percent. 

And Freiburg loses 40 percent away. In a direct comparison, Munich won eight out of ten games against Freiburg – again 80 percent. If we average these values, we come to a chance of victory of almost 67 percent.

Value bets: the best football tips!

Sports betting professional tips are based on such numbers. The chances are therefore necessary to consider and it’s important to choose a reputable online casino.   Naturally, this poses the issue of how to bet on football by turning a quotation into a chance. For this there is a really basic formula. 

Assuming FC Bayern Munich would receive a 1.20 in our example in the home game against SC Freiburg. Now let’s divide that odds by 1 and add 100 times. It looks like this: 1 / 1.20 * 100. The result is 83.33 percent. The online betting providers see the probability of a home win for Munich as high.

Our own calculation, however, came to 67 percent. Since our analysis shows a lower value, a bet should not be made. A sports bet should only be placed if we can beat the bookmaker’s percentage with our calculation. Before we become Tipp World Champions, we still need experience. 

Because the analysis looks different for every player. We recommend using the home and away statistics and the last games of the direct comparison. Best football tips are often based on a form aspect that includes the performance of past games.

Football betting tips from professionals: These sports bets are recommended

The best football tips ensure long-term profit. This is true, at least if the analysis of the value bets is consistent. It could also be that losses arise across days or weeks. However, a plus must come out over months. It is necessary to bet on single bets in this context. 

Professional sports betting tips only ever refer to one event. This applies to sports betting tips today and every other day as well. Small combinations of up to three selections can still promise with low quotations. However, the best football tips are not based on small odds. It is often relatively high quotations the professionals use that.

Tie bet: scores with the amount of the odds

Many professionals like to bet on the tie. When we report on the best football tips, the draw shouldn’t be missing. But why is point sharing so popular? On the one hand, the odds are actually always above 3.00. On the other side, the chance is greater than predicted. Let’s take our probability calculation of the odds again and apply it to the odds of 3.00: 1/3 * 100. The result is 33.33 percent. However, the average draw is more likely to be rated at 3.40.

So again: 1 / 3.4 * 100. That makes 29.41 percent. If you search the international leagues and do your own analysis, you will find various games where the draw is more likely. For World Cup live betting tips, this is of course more difficult. 

Sports betting professional tips actually always include the draw. In addition, the best football betting tips are usually based on higher odds – at least 1.80 and up. It is not uncommon for even higher odds to be chosen for sports betting tips today.

Odds from 2.10: Success with every second hit!

The expert knows that not every bet is crowned with success. Therefore, single bets are always preferable. It is one of the biggest tips for football betting. Furthermore, the equivalent of 2.10 and up is often very interesting. Of course, this only applies to best football tips after a thorough analysis. 

Nevertheless, the quota level has an advantage. Because from this point on it is sufficient, despite betting tax, that only every second sports betting is a success. The player still makes a profit.

In general, how big the profit is does not matter. Whoever makes only 5% profit per month can increase the total amount through the stake. If you do one percent for 1,000 euros, you will receive 1,050 euros. 

With a stake of 10,000 euros, it’s already 10,500 euros. However, real money bets should never be placed if the fund is not available at all. Every World Champion tip started small!



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