Massive age fraud in the Iraqi (U20) youth team | FIFA U20 World Cup 2013


Massive age fraud in the Iraqi (U20) youth team | FIFA U20 World Cup 2013

The Iraqi youth team, an Under 20s team, playing in the FIFA World Youth Cup 2013. The world needs to understand the extent and how pandemic the debilitating practice of age fraud is prevalent in today’s Iraqi youth team and the youth system, as it has been from its inception in the mid-70s.

The current Iraqi captain and goalkeeper were called into the Olympic team (U-23 level) in 2005!!! Yes, the goalkeeper Mohammed Hamed Farhan, born on January 24, 1993 was selected by the Olympic coach Yahya Alwan at the age of just 12!!!

Can anyone believe a player at the age of 12, and a goalkeeper for that fact, would be even considered for selection for an Under 23 side?

There has also been another extraordinary claim that one of the squad members, who will represent Iraq in Turkey this month, was somehow born in 1993, but whose own biological father had passed away in 1990!!!

Then there is the case of AFC Young Player of the Year, forward Mohanad Abdul-Rahim, or Mohanad Abdul-Rahman, who sometime in 2011 changed his second name (which in Iraq, would be the name of his father) from Abdul-Rahman to Abdul-Rahim. Why was this? Maybe it was because trials for the youth team had begun at the same time. He made the squad for the new team for players born in 1992 and 1993.

The name of Mohanad Abdul-Rahman was removed from Al-Karkh’s team roster and a new name Mohanad Abdul-Rahim was added. They are the same person, as the match reports and photos from league matches played by Al-Karkh in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 will testify. You should remember that this player, is the current AFC Young Player of the Year.

In Iraq, the ‘youth team’ is only a name, like the Chicago Bulls. They are no more a youth team, than the Chicago basketball team are bulls. The team itself is a complete fraud.

Egyptian TV | Modern Sports comments on this matter

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