Qatar 2022: Pros and Cons of World Cup in Winter

Qatar 2022: Pros and Cons of World Cup in Winter

FIFA World Cup is the event of universal significance. Half of the planet population watch football match games at the stadium, in the fan zones which are arranged in big cities across the globe, and at home. Quite understandably, most fans watch live or online broadcasts in pubs and cafes or on their couches.

Thanks to the technological achievements, having no possibility to be in the center of events which are carried out, people can get the same impressions at home. One may experience the most thrilling emotions following the link and gambling in an online casino.

The number of people who will attend the World Cup in 2022 is huge. Qatar is the country with the unbearable insufferable heat in summer. For this reason, as the first occasion in the history of football, it was decided to postpone the Cup to the winter period. As the 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled at the beginning of the year, Football Cup is postponed till Christmas. The final match is scheduled on the eve of the most acknowledged and celebrated Catholic holiday.

The Main Flaws of the World Cup in Winter

1- This change in the calendar of sports events will lead to overlapping with the main types of winter sport like biathlon and skiing. These competitions may lose spectators, as well as sponsors.

2- Overlapping with the period of Christmas holidays and the time to prepare for the festivities creates obstacles for the viewers from the Catholic countries. In Europe, especially in Germany, there are millions of football fans who watch all the Cup match games. However, lots of them will refuse from arriving at the hosting country to watch matches at the stadiums.

3- For those people who are fond of fan zones, winter Cup will mean spending lots of time outdoors in November and December. To some extent, it could be good for health, however, the risk to catch a cold or an infection increases dramatically.

4- Unfortunately, lots of fans, especially those from Europe, have negatively reacted to this change. Though, it does not mean that football fans will refuse from the thrill of watching matches. They will spend less time on presents’ purchases, but the Cup will be viewed by all the fans across the globe.

Still, the fact that so much beloved football players won’t have to suffer from heat instead of showing the best results during the Cup is the most essential. Besides, all the fans at the stadiums will be secured against heat strokes and all the accompanying health disorders. Despite the preliminary negative impression, this decision was necessary to be made. Who knows, probably, people will like this experiment.

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