“Egyptian League to implement VAR in the final Weeks” -EFA

“Egyptian League to implement VAR next season” -EFA

The five-member committee of the Egyptian Football Association and the main referees’ committee are studying a proposal to implement video technology, VAR, in the final and decisive weeks of the league’s this season, in the event that the application cannot be started with the beginning of the second round as previously announced.

A source in the Football Association revealed a surprise regarding the date of applying the video technology in the Egyptian League this season and clarified that it is possible to postpone the application of the experiment and not start it with the beginning of the second stage of the league.

The source said to “Youm7”, the matter is ultimately dependent on the approval of the FIFA subsidiary responsible for the video technology to grant the Egyptian referees the video referee license, indicating that although Egyptian referees understood training courses and their regularity, in the end, it may be granted to the FIFA delegate The license after the session ends to 15 or 20 referees only, out of the 54 participants, which is an insufficient number to apply the technology in all public league matches starting from the second stage.

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The five-member committee of the Football Association, headed by Amr Al-Ganaini, has officially signed contracts for the application of video technology in the Egyptian league with a Spanish company for 3 and a half years starting from the second stage of the competition this season, after the arrival of an official approval from the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the contract.

The contract includes the application of video technology in Egypt as a financial lease and ends in sale, which ensures that all assets are transferred to the ownership of the Football Association at the end of the implementation period (3) And a half years).

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