Ramadan Set to Perform at Egyptian Super Cup Opening Ceremony

The Egyptian Super Cup is scheduled to take place next month, with the opening ceremony occurring on Thursday, February 20. While the match of the tournament will see rivals Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek face off against one another, the ceremony, to be held in the United Arab Emirates, will have its own form of entertainment from Egyptian actor and rapper Ramadan.

The performer expressed his joy at being able to welcome the Egyptian Super Cup tournament into action at the opening ceremony. Posting the concert’s flyer to his official Instagram account, Ramadan went on to comment, “Meet me at Mohamed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi on Feb. 20 for the opening ceremony of the Egyptian Super Sup”.

The Egyptian Super Cup is a local championship tournament, and it was revealed by Egyptian Football Association committee member Mohamed Fadl, that the winner of the tournament will receive AED 500,000. The runner up will be on the receiving end of AED 300,000 as a sort of consolation prize.

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Why the UAE?

It was announced by Fadl a couple of weeks ago that the Egyptian Super Cup would be taking place in the UAE on February 20. This will occur at 9:00pm within the aforementioned Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, located in Abu Dhabi. Fadl mentioned that there was a deal signed between the UAE federation and the Presentation company, which is the official sponsor of the Egyptian Association in relation to organisational matters.

Fadl procured the deal by travelling to the Emirates with the Director of Egyptian Competitions and Super Cup Match coordinator, Hossam Al-Zanati, and Amr Al Bortqali from the marketing team. Three stadiums were visited by the trio prior to them settling on the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium for the event. At this time last year, that same stadium was one of several playing host to the Asian Cup.

The stadium holds a total of 37,000 people, making it a great location for the Egyptian Super Cup match to take place, and of course, for Ramadan to perform in. The match will also be managed by a foreign referee, who will be selected by the Egyptian Referees Committee. Video technology will also be in action throughout the Super Cup match, according to the EFA.

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