Cleopatra FC Player Mido Gaber Kidnapped! | Full Story

Moataz Al-Battawi, the general supervisor for Ceramica Cleopatra FC, announced the disappearance of the newly signed player, Mido Gaber, in mysterious circumstances.

Mido Gaber Rumored to be Kidnapped

In statements to the “El Match” TV program on Sada Al-Balad , Al-Battawi said: “Mido Gaber disappeared and we do not know his whereabouts. What happened is very strange. We have been looking for the player since 8:30 pm to no avail.”

VIDEO: The Player’s Mom crying on a TV Sports program asking “Where is my son?”

Mido Gaber moved to the ranks of the newly promoted Ceramica Cleopatra to the Egyptian Premier League from Misr Al Makkassa.

Al-Battawi added, “The player tried to enter his room in the team’s residence, but he was surprised that the room entry card did not work, and was asked to go to the reception on the ground floor to activate the card.”

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“After Mido Gaber went to the hotel reception, two people requested to take a photo with him, and after the photo, they took him outside the hotel, and the player completely disappeared after he switched off his phone.”

Regarding the identity of the kidnappers, Al-Battawi said: “I do not know what happened and what was the reason for the kidnapping or disappearance of the player, it may be people or clubs, we do not know anything yet.”

Al-Batawi concluded: “The Mido Gaber deal ended with all parties satisfied, and Misr Al Makkassa got their money that was withdrawn today from the account of the Ceramica Cleopatra, and we only lack the player’s registration, and therefore it cannot be in order to transfer to another club.”

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