World’s Top 8 best footballers in 2021

Depending on whom you ask about the best footballers in the world, you will get different names but some will be mentioned several times. You should also expect similar results when you ask about top online betting sites based on bonus dobrodošlice bez depozita. If you want to confirm this check Mightytips’ list of best bookmakers. Back to the best footballers, one name that will feature in the world best player list is Christiano Ronaldo although some will argue that his star is dwindling and he is paving way for other finest football players to dominate the scene. 

Lionel Messi will also be in the greatest of all time footballer list. Similar to Ronaldo, Messi‘s reign is at sunset and he is also paving way for new boys to become the finest football players. Football analysts are arguing that the two great footballers have entered the autumn of their football careers. The next generation stars are already making their presence felt and within a short period, they will be ruling the football world to emerge as the greatest of their times.

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To answer the question of who is the best football player, we will provide a world best player list where we will cover the 8 finest football players. We also feel it is important to remind betting enthusiasts to check the online betting websites list and see which of them provide the best promotions including bonus dobrodošlice bez depozita offers. These are bookmakers that Mightytips rates highly as they give bettors a great experience in their online betting endeavors.

 Now embarking on the world best player list, our selection will be based on:

  • The personal talent
  • Achievement across the last five years
  • Consistency in their performance

1. Lionel Messi

There seems to be an agreement among the football analysts when it comes to the question of who is the best footballer player. Most have given this name; one would also expect a unison answer when it comes to the best bookmakers based on bonus dobrodošlice bez depozita. We reveal that the greatest of all time footballers is Lionel Messi.

This is one player that you will watch play and appreciate the prowess of his game. For those who have followed his former team’s performance, it is obvious that one player they are missing is Lionel Messi. During his last year at Barcelona, the player, who is currently playing for French side PSG scored thirty goals in the La Liga, a record that many says were his poorest. Overall, he has 672 goals to his name, assisted in scoring 300 goals in 778 games. At the international level, Messi may not have shinned as most would have expected but he was instrumental in bagging the Cope America title early this year.

2. Robert Lewandowski

He has been on the list of the world’s finest footballers for quite some time but has always been overshadowed by the obsession of the world’s top scorers Messi and Ronaldo. He will be overlooked no more as the striker has proved to be a force to reckon with in the world of football. You will hear betting enthusiasts compare him to bookmakers who offer great promotions such as bonus dobrodošlice bez depozita.

The Bayern Munich player has been named the European Footballer of the year as well as bagged the FIFA title although he was not granted the Ballon d’Or after the award was canceled due to COVID -19. He now ranks as one of the kings of natural striking in world football. Unlike Messi, his star is still bright; he will dominate the world football scene for another few years.

3. Kevin De Bruyne

If there is a player who is gifted in the Premier League, Kevin De Bruyne tops the list. The Manchester City player is recognized for his technical ability and intelligence. His prowess, agility, and speed though underestimated have seen the player dominate the action in all the matches that his team participates in. 

Many Premier League enthusiasts would agree that Manchester City heavily relies on the player for goal assistance. And given that he is hitting his thirties next year, his football career is still bright and he is seen as one of the players who will dominate the world’s best player list for several years.

4. Christiano Ronaldo

His football star may be dwindling but the Manchester United player cannot be ruled out of the top best footballers list yet. He has not only conquered the Italian and UK Premier Leagues, but he has also been a star in Europe and the world at large. 

He has set a good example that young players can emulate. He may be on his way out but he will be remembered for his performance and the contribution he has made in keeping the quality of football at the top.

5. Harry Kane

The Tottenham United player has 166 goals to his name and has continued to shine even on the international scene. He is a great link-up player and many clubs would like to have him play for their side. The 28 years old player still has a few more years to show the world what he is made of.

6. Mohamed Salah

For the 212 games that Salah has played for Liverpool, he has scored 134 times. The Egyptian-born player is a great scorer both for his current club and country. He is greatly valued for his prowess, agility, and intelligence in the field.

7. Kylian Mbappe

The PSG player is seen as the star who will inherit the Messi and Ronaldo’s football kings’ title. He had a strong 2020 season and 2021 is looking bright. Time will tell as his team seeks to dominate the European football scene.

8. Neymar

The Brazilian sensation closes the top eight best footballers list. The PSG player is a great contender in the race to find a replacement of the football kings once Ronaldo and Messi exit the scene.

According to our analysis, these are the top players based on their performance and consistency. You may slightly disagree with our world best player list but we are certain that most of the names here would appear in your list too.


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Lionel Messi scored thirty goals
Mohamed Salah scored 134 times

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