Have you ever bet on a sport? If your answer to this is yes, then you know how great it feels to know you have money on the line. Every second of the game counts, and you cannot help but cross your fingers that your hunch is correct. Because if you back your sports bet with facts and a dash of hope, you can make some good money. It sounds great. But your chances of holding on to your winnings come down to the type of betting site you use. While many reputable international betting sites exist, some bad apples have also taken over the betting scene. These are the kinds of sites that scam their users repeatedly, sending them scurrying to the authorities to no avail. Unfortunately, everyone is at risk of falling prey to these betting sites. So, to help you stay on track, we have come up with 5 questions to refer to when vetting any betting site:

Does the Site Offer the Sports You Want?

Before you can even start questioning the validity of a site, ask yourself if it offers the sports you want. For example, if you want to bet on football, the site you choose must have this on offer. When thinking about sports, think about:

  • Do you want to bet on just one sport, or would you like to choose from many options? Some people want to focus on one option, while others are open to more opportunities. Where do you lie?
  • Do you want a site that focuses on one sport? If you are sure you want to bet on a specific sport, you can look for a site that caters to that sport alone. The upside to this is that you can enjoy an array of markets. However, it can limit someone who would like to test the waters with other options.

Find the sport you like and map the number of sites that offer the same.

Does the Site Have a Wide Selection of Bets?

What kinds of bets can you place on the site? For example, football has a wide variety of options. You can go with the usual win, draw, and loss options. Or you can get more creative and go in for the total score, first goalscorer, etc. The availability of options makes it easier to find a bet that augurs with your prediction. So, once you have found a site that offers a sport you want, look at the site’s:

  • Betting markets: How many events does it cover?
  • Betting sizes: How much money can the site allow you to place on one game? It might not be a big deal to an occasional bettor. But if you are in it to make money or get a rush of adrenaline, do not skip this point.
  • Odds: Are they competitive in relation to what other sites offer? You want to stick with the site that provides consistent competitive odds. That helps you gauge how much you can make from it in a season.

What Do People Say About the Site?

Customer experience says a lot about a site. If most people leave good reviews, promising to be back or still playing with the site, that’s a good sign. But if people generally think a site is up to no good, it’s best to heed their word. You should focus on:

  • Whether the site holds up its end of the bargain: For example, does it honor its promises when it comes to bonuses and promotions?
  • How easy it is to access customer service: Do you need to jump through hoops, or can you chat with them at any time? To be safe, initiate a conversation with the customer care team even before registering an account.
  • How easy is it to use the site? There’s no need to sign up on a site only to spend most of your time trying to understand how it works. Get to know what other people think of its interface and what you can expect during your learning curve.

Do you see any red flags?

Soccer Ball
Soccer – Sports

Is the Site Licensed?

At this point, your list of possible sites will have narrowed down by a great deal. It’s now time to think about if the site has a regulator watching its every move. And that’s none other than its licensor. Does it have one? A licensor is an authority mandated to oversee the activities of gambling sites to ensure they abide by the gambling acts in the regions in which they operate. As such, if a site misbehaves, it can be shut down. To avoid such consequences, regulated sites do what they can to keep their customers happy and are less likely to engage in shoddy deals. But unlicensed sites can do as they please. To make sure you are not getting a raw deal, you should consider:

  • If the site has a license: You should check to ensure that the license is still valid by liaising with the regulator,
  • Who the licensor is: Some authorities are strict, while others will let a site get away with wrongdoing.

You may be in good hands if the site can pass these checks.

Does the Site Have Adequate Banking Options?

We are now fully immersed in the digital world where people can become billionaires by launching NFTs and investing in digital currencies. So, why should a site limit you regarding how you can deposit and access your cash? When vetting any site, investigate:

  • Which deposit options are available? What else can you use besides wire transfers, credit, and debit cards? Ideally, the site should also accept e-wallets. And if you go for a site that embraces technology, digital currency payments should also be acceptable.
  • Which withdrawal methods can you use? Most sites allow you to use the same method you used when loading your account. Look into what’s available and the flexibility in the options. 
  • Are there any limits to deposits and transfers? Minimum amounts are typical, though you should look into the lowest possible amounts. While at it, you should also pay attention to the maximum possible limit. It can bar you from accessing your cash at once, which can be a headache.
  • What fees apply to the transactions? You should not pay to load your account in most cases, but this depends on the site’s policies. Also, find out if the site subtracts a chunk of your earnings when making a withdrawal.
  • How long do transactions take? Usually, digital currency transfers are the fastest, thanks to the lack of intermediaries in blockchain technology. E-wallet transfers are also fast, with traditional transfers (wire transfers) taking the longest. Understand how long you will need to wait to load your account or access your winnings.

These are the small details that could shock you when you are trying to access your money. Find out now to avoid any issues later.

If you can comfortably vouch for a site based on all these factors, you have found the right place to launch your betting strategy. All the best!

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